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Aug 1, 2008 03:26 PM

Farmington, New Mexico, Durango, Colorado Restaurants

Has anyone tried the restaurant at Sun Ray Casino near Farmington, New Mexico? Has anyone been to Cosmopolitan Restaurant in downtown Durango or The Hamilton Chop House at Tamarron near Durango lately? What about The Red Snapper restaurant in Durango? We have been away for an extended period and wonder how they are now. Your comments would be appreciated.

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  1. We live about 45 miles away and for us, dining out means going to Durango.

    Cosmo [the same owner as the one in Telluride] is very good and very pricey. If you have dined at the one in Tride, it is of the same calibre. Very trendy spot. Reservation in season is strongly recommended.

    The Hamilton Chop House is excellent food with great views. They have some exotic meat and we have really enjoyed eating there.

    Any other questions on places to eat or food related, feel free to ask!

    We have not eaten at that casino. FWIW, casino food in 4 Corners Area isn't anything special, let alone good. Small places and so so food.


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      Thanks for thre response! We have been to both places, but not for some time. What would you recommend in Farmington?

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        Whew, this is a tough one. Farmington is the fast food mecca, I think.

        Three Rivers Brewery had good brews and decent pub type food.
        Tequila's Mexican Restaurant - decent food; if you like octopus, they have it [supposedly fresh] and my husband thought it was very good. They use fresh limes in their margarita's.

        Bluffs A Steak & Seafood 3450 E Main St looks nice from the outside; we haven't ventured inside. Might be worth a try.

        Farmington is not chowhound friendly, I'm afraid :(

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          Thanks for all the info. We have heard of a Chinese food restaurant in Aztec called House or The House. Do you know anything about that?

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            We drive through Aztec on our way to and from ABQ all the time, but have only had root beer floats at A&W! Very chowhoundish, huh? Sorry, I don't know the place, but if my SW experience tells me anything, Asian/Chinese along with fish & seafood is pretty much hit or miss and is mostly miss. I have lived in SW for 7 years and the decent asian places are few and far between.

            I am not sure if you are driving from Durango to ABQ or someplace that you have to go to through these places and are looking for someplace to stop and eat OR if you are looking for destination places to eat. If you are passing through on way to ABQ, Bruno's in Cuba is decent Mexican.

            IF you are just looking for places to eat on a day drive, I would say you need to rethink this. I would head to Ouray for a grand meal at the Beaumont's Tundra or a fun meal at Bien Tiempo. Head out to Dolores for some eats {Dolores River Brewery; Old Germany [nothing fancy but decent} Joey's Place [sort of bistro like] and a nice visit at the Anasazi Center. Or head up to Rico and eat at The Argentine. Funky and really good eats.


    2. I've been to Cosmo in Durango, did a lengthy blog post about it and essentially agree with DebitNM. Unless you are staying at Tamarron or at Durango Mountain Resort a few miles farther north, there's not much reason to go to the restaurant there. If you are in the mood for steaks and such, the Mahogany Grille in the Strater and the Ore House around the corner, both right downtown. Haven't been to the Red Snapper in several years. I remember its as OK, but not great.

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        Thanks. I will try to read your blog about Cosmo. You think Mahogany Grill and The Ore House are comparable or superior to Hamilton Chop House? Have you been to the Red Snapper since they changed owners?