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Aug 1, 2008 02:31 PM

Coming to Boston - Look at my list?

We'll be looking to have a couple of nice meals in Boston in a couple of weeks. After some research, we;'ve narrowed it down to the following places. Do you folks have experiences with any of the following? Thanks!

Mamma Maria

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    1. I'd drop Bricco...the restaurant hasn't lived up to expectations.

      Prezza is a much better choice for that type of meal.

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      1. re: 9lives

        Do you only want to dine in the North End?

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          Agreed--not so much about Bricco, never having been there, but Prezza is great--and I just had dinner there last night!

        2. Mamma Maria is in a league above the others on your list. It has one of the most beautiful set of dining rooms in Boston, and their bread basket, handmade wild mushroom pasta and Osso Bucco, among other things, are heavenly. North End restaurants don't seem to do dessert very well, maybe because of the great Italian bakeries in the neighborhood. I'd suggest either picking up cannoli at Mike's before dinner, or going to Cafe Vittoria for coffee and cannoli after. And if you haven't been to the North End before, you shouldn't miss it; it's unique and charming.

          Prezza is excellent, too.

          1. The advise you've gotten so far, is very good, but there is more to Boston than the No. End. Really good restaurants exist in most neighborhoods and although I live in Brookline, I'm partial to the So. End places. It's hard to beat Teatro for Italian, yet, it's in the middle of the theatrical district. Scampo is in an area that is hard to define. It doesn't belong to the West End and is a stretch from Beacon Hill, but has gotten all sorts of reviews, many mixed, but is a great fun place to go. Rocca, in the So End is a personal favorite, but when I'm in the No. End, I head to Neptune Oyster for really good sea food, and for non touristy food, I like Al Dente's, probably a first listing on this board. I've never had a bad time there.

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              Further afield, you might look up the word on Carlo's Cucina Italiano in Brighton (T-accessible) and Vinny's at Night in East Somerville (More of a cab-accessible place).

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                Thanks ghostcat, and everyone else. And per drewames03's question, no, I don't want to limit the recommendations to the N. End. I'll be coming from Portland, OR, though, where we have limited Italian options. But I'd certainly be open to anything that's especially "Boston," especially those in the midrange to upper-midrange pricewise. Thanks!

                1. re: AlbertaHound

                  For seafood try Neptune Oysters - Also in the North End & B&G Oysters in the South End.

              2. Love Mamma Maria. The rabbitt pappardelle is one of the best single dishes I've had in recent memory.