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Aug 1, 2008 02:20 PM

STL: dinner downtown tonight, casual, nonsmoking

We're going to the City Museum tonight and would like to eat somewhere in the vague vicinity first, if possible. We've been to the Dubliner and thought about going back but even their "nonsmoking" section is pretty smoky and smelly. We just ate at Wasabi in Clayton. We want to dress really, really casually as we plan on climbing around at the Museum. Where can 3 adults go on a Friday night and have good food, at least decent service, and come out smell-free (except for food smells)? One of us doesn't eat beef, pork, or lamb, btw.

We don't HAVE to eat downtown, but we live in U City and eat in the Loop a lot so we thought a different area would be good. So anything not completely out of the way would be considered too. We basically eat everything but Indian.

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  1. There are several places on Washington within a couple of blocks of City Museum that are casual and good. Lucas Park Grille is the one we've been to the most, in a beautiful converted bank building on the south side of the street -- they allow smoking at the bar but the dining rooms are back and quite separate and removed. Mosaic is a possibility for small plates and tapas. There is also a sushi place and a bar and grill right in that vicinity. An American Place is nearby in the Renaisaance Hotel building, and while it can be very dressy and expensive, they do have an early-bird prix-fixed option that is more casual and affordable.