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Aug 1, 2008 02:16 PM

Las Dunas Peruvian Review (canoga park)

Just got back from a lunch at this spot, my friends been there and raved about it.

What a great spot, as you sit down they bring out this bread and green sauce, the dipping sauce has some punch to it and lots of flavor, looks like pesto but nothing like it.

For our appetizer we had the:

Papa a la Huancaina which was basically boiled potatoes in a velveeta cheese sauce, we wouldn't get that again.

Now our main dishes which was awesome and will have us returning:

Lomo Saltado which is strips of been, onions, tomoatoes, french fries and a very spicy sauce with rice, incredible

the seafood version is called Lomo Saltado a lo Macho

Here's the info:

Las Dunas 818/228-4747

20133 Saticoy St.

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  1. The green sauce is called "salsa de aji" ("ah-HEE") and is made with chile peppers, lettuce, bread, oil and water. It's delicious.

    I urge you to try Puro Sabor in Van Nuys.