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Aug 1, 2008 02:15 PM

Mizrahi restaurant in Highland Park, IL

I've heard good things about the new kosher restaurant in Highland Park. Anyone been?

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  1. Been many times and it is excellent! -Both the service and food is excellent! I have enhoyed evrything I have had there except for one thing the chicken schnitzel - it was just ok - my favorites and in no particulat order - Mom's Special Grill - it is a sausage like made in house that is excellent - falafel, shawarma and mixed grill - all excellent - start off the meal with their home made Kubeh - to die for! I have taken friends who are are not jewish and it is now one of their goto restaurants - rivals Taboun in the city IMHO - and I love Taboun -

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      I'll second Weinstein5. The food there is very good and enjoyable. I've mainly had it as takeout, but the portion sizes are more than generous and the people there are very friendly.

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        Hi Michael! I'm glad to see your review here and give it a thumbs up. I'm meeting a friend there tonight with our families, but had never heard of it. Google saves the day again.