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Aug 1, 2008 01:50 PM

DiFara's on Friday night advisable?

Fellow Chowhounds:
Was planning on going to DiFara's tonight (8/1) after work (first timer), estimate arrival time to be around 7pm. They close at 9pm tonight. Is this advisable? Will Dom almost surely be making the pies? Will I get locked out due to a long line? Thanks a bunch. Have a great weekend.

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  1. dom is the only one to ever make the pies. went past last night around 8pm and there was a line out the door.

    1. People actually call in for pies especially on Fridays -- I don't advise if you are just walking over for few slices. If you still want to go, take whatever is out of the oven, don't be picky. Then you might not have to wait SO long.

      1. I've been a couple of dozen times on weeknights and a few more for lunch, but Friday the one Friday night we went was a completely different monster. We got there at 6:00ish and didn't get our (one plain) pie until 8:30. So many people calling in orders for pickup and Dom filling some orders before others. After that, I'll stick to going for a late lunch or early dinner on a weeknight.

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          Hey folks, thanks for the responses. Didn't know you could call ahead, guess that's a great idea. On Friday night, had a 45 minute to 1 hour wait. It was to be expected, so took it in stride, literally. Dom's daughter(?) suggested we take a stroll. So we did. We ordered a plain, round pie. Everything about it was good (plentiful oil, cheese, sauce, charred crust), EXCEPT, slices were floppy. Nuh-uh, floppy doesn't do it for me. (Some people mentioned that it's due to the humidity and/or the oil. That may be, but, nope, can't do it.) In my opinion, not worth the wait. Next stop, Half Moon on Arthur Ave, as someone else mentioned in a different thread. At least, I finally tried DiFara's for myself.

        2. Seems like 3-5 might be a sweet spot between lunch and dinner.