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Aug 1, 2008 01:35 PM

great romantic ideas for my first and last romantic week end

Hi everybody,
I’m going to Boston for one week end (we arriving a Saturday, and leaving on Sunday), in one week. I want it to be very special and surprise her because this is our first week end together away from NY, where we work, and it might be the last for a very long time (maybe forever, as we will be 6000 miles apart during one year and we are still kinda young-24yo). I just want it to be a weekend we will remember and can cherish.
I’m looking for advice for the all evening (and even for the afternoon). I haven’t planned anything yet as we just decided that 2 hours ago, and I’ve never been in Boston.
I’m open to any neighborhood as we haven’t booked a hotel yet (I think I’ll choose the hotel according to the places I want to eat and drink during the first night), and we don’t have cars.
For the dinner:
Our budget would be up to $100/person for the diner with drinks.
We don’t want Asian nor south American nor Indian food. But besides that we are open to every kind of food (if we can avoid French it would be good as we are French and we want to try something too “French”). It’s even better if the place has great wine.
I’ve done my research on the board and read about Troquet, Salts, Clio, L’Espalier, No 9, but it’s kinda hard to choose the right place…
If you have any ideas for after/before the dinner (nice walk, romantic place, good place to have drinks, etc) pleas please please don’t hesitate...

If you need more info to help tell me!:)

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  1. Under normal circumstances, L'Espalier would still take pride of first place on your excellent list. More so now, with their announced move date being the end of August. They may be gaining needed space for both the back & front of the house but it can't possible be as atmospherically romantic as the current wonderful Gloucester St. location, IMO.


    1. This thread has some wonderful ideas, complete with atmosphere and food reviews.

      1. If the weather cooperates, I would recommend dining on the patio at Oleana in Cambridge. It's quaint, intimate, and the food is excellent. The only problem is that you can't book the patio seating in advance - so you'd probably want to reserve an inside table as a precaution and hope for the best when you arrive. It's worth it!

        1. Not sure what type of hotel you are thinking of, but IMO The Liberty Hotel would be a great home-base...a short cab ride to the N.E. and Back Bay. New, trendy, very cool design,{originally a famous boston jail}. Nice bars and lounges, "Scampo" their signature restaurant is worth checking out for a glass of wine and an app. I was very impressed with their whole scene..not cheap, but no Boston Hotel is.

          1. I 've had some wonderful meals at Salts. The owners are especially gracious, and will do their best to please you, especially if they know that this is a special occasion. Although their Duck for Two is highly recommended by some, I'd advise ordering other items off the menu for a more interesting meal.

            You might also consider staying at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge--it's right in Harvard Square, which makes Boston easily accessible by subway ("T") and gets you a great view of the river every time you venture into Boston. You're also close to Memorial Drive, which offers a lovely walk along the Charles River.