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Aug 1, 2008 01:29 PM

Great Greek food from Pasadena to Riverside

I am visiting a friend who lives lives near Pasadena. She loves Greek food. Are there any great Greek restaurants between Pasadena and Riverside? I am willing to travel between those two points if the place is worth it. Thanks

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  1. LOL. That's quite a swath! I really like Alexis Greek Restaurant in Northridge ( they do a lot of classics and a few interesting Portuguese dishes too for good measure. The food is fresh and they have a decent wine list.

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      The reason I put the area btwn those two cities is that she works in Glendora. so I am really trying to stay in that range. Thanx anyways.

    2. You could try Yanni's in Claremont, it's on Yale in the Village or Angel's Place in La Verne which is on D Street, between Bonita Ave. and Third Street.

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        Thanx, is Yanni's a good place to take a date? I can't find any reviews on the food or the restaurant.

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          try sp. it Yianni''s pleasant, and you can eat outdoors which is nicer than inside- almost cavelike...imo, food was a disappointment. my last experience was over a year ago, so maybe it has improved. the night we went, a Saturday, it seemed like only half the entrees were available, no eggplant parmigiana, no eggplant period, really... no explanation why...they just kept coming back to tell us what they didn't have it before we even ordered...can't even remember what i ordered by default.

          my vote would be to go to Cafe Santorini in Old Pasadena. The outside patio is upstairs, nice in the evening, and more of a "date" place...better food overall, and wine list too.

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          Yannis has seen it's day. I wouldn't recommend it.

        3. Hi-

          You will want to post a separate query on the California board for Greek food venues in or around Riverside.

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            Yannis is awful. I went there and recd the worst Greek meal ever. Even something simple like the rice was horrid, and when I mentioned that the rice was not cooked, they argued it was not possible, haha. We ventured a distance because of exactly that, the difficulty of finding such, and overordered to gather a real sampling in case there were some dishes worthwhile. And we are totally lefotver people when need be, yet we left all the leftovers there disgusted.
            Finding good Greek food is a challenge in LA I say.

          2. It's not really a Greek restaurant anymore (although they do have some Greek dishes) but Corfu in Sierra Madre is a nice place for a date.

            I haven't eaten there in quite a while - maybe other 'hounds will have some input on the quality


            I also agree that Cafe Santorini is good and in a great location for a date, although it's more Mediterranean than Greek

            Lastly, if you can wait that long, the Greek Festival is coming up in late September


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              I think Corfu was pretty nice when the previous owner was running it 365/7/24, but now the specialty is kabobs, and the bread they bring is no longer that wonderful loaf style but plain pita at room temp. I've gone back 3x since sold, and tried a variety of the menu, and everyone else I know tells me the same thing, place is not the same at all. The Greek specialties in particular have really suffered, and they are really only interested in serving the Armenian dishes anyway is what they told me.

              I'm going to try Alexis in the next week or so.