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Jun 5, 2003 07:39 PM

Won-Ton Soup

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I know this is somewhat pedestrian but I crave a great bowl of Won-Ton like the kind I used to get at Wo Hops on Mott in NYC's Chinatown. Anyway... I'll travel from Montery Park to the Westside if you could just be so kind as to point me in the right direction.

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  1. I don't know the new york place. My fave wonton soup is at Full House on Hill Street in CHinatown, the wor won ton soup. It does have squid in it. Hope that's not a dealbreaker.

    1. Not familiar with Wo Hops, but I suspect its Americanized Chinese food you are after. In Monterey Park there is a place I like for Wor Wonton in that style at the somewhat retro Paul's Kitchen oon Atlantic Blvd. The soup includes chunks of bbq pork, shrimp, and healthy sized wonton dumplings.

      Paul's Kitchen
      1950 South Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park, CA 91754
      (323) 724-1855

      1. I posed a similar question some time ago, and have linked to the resulting thread below. For whatever it's worth, I tried most of the suggestions proffered, and my favorite for Americanized won-ton soup was Manhattan Won Ton Company on Doheny in Beverly Hills, which, if I'm not mistaken, you recommended.


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          Tujunga Mike

          You are correct that I recommended Manhattan Won-Ton Company awhile ago. While it always does in a pinch I've come to feel it's just a little too uninteresting... I guess I was craving something a bit more substantial. Thanks by the way for all your good postings.

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            I understand. I like Manhattan Won-Ton too, but it's not Ah Fong's. BTW, if you work down town, Tai Pan, in the Wells Fargo Center, does a decent take out won-ton soup -- it's my preferred lunch when I have a cold but have to be in the office anyway.

        2. i really like the szechuan won-ton soup at yang chow. its spicy and garlicy and delicious. seems americanized, at least slightly.

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            +1. The spicy szechuan won-ton soup at Yang Chow is fabulous. Spicy enough to bring on sweat and tears, but you can't stop eating it. Oooo, I shouldn't read this board so close to lunch . . .

            Yang Chow Restaurant
            819 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

            1. re: shelbo

              The original poster wasn't looking for Szechuan wontons, which are prepared in a completely different style than the Cantonese-cum-NYC Chinatown style.

              Of course, the original poster asked the question 6 years ago, so maybe the point is moot.

              Mr Taster

          2. Wang's Palace on Lemon and Myrtle in old town Monrovia. Won ton with chicken, shrimp, wontons, mushrooms and greens. That and their pot stickers and shrimp lo mein and shrimp egg foo young are great Chinese comforft food us gringos. (Get the idea I like shrimp?)