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Has Anyone Tried Kelly's Landing in Weymouth on 3A?

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I have not found one thing on the interenet about this place. I went about 15 years ago. Anyone go?

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  1. Atmosphere very dark ,blue collar seafood restaurant great friend clams and chowder all kinds of seafood dishes very reasonable prices.

    1. I would go just for the onion rings which IMO are amongst the best on the south shore. They also do a nice job with fried clams.

      1. Probably the best clam chowder on the south shore and a great fish and chips. Wouldn't consider it a destination spot but I'm a local and having been going here since I can remember.

        1. Kelly's is an old fashioned, retro I guess you would say, place that has great fresh seafood, very nice and friendly wait staff, great lobster specials, great chowder and most everything else. It's not a stylish or upscale place but simply perfect for what it is. They do everything there very well.

          1. As most responders have stated, this is an old fashioned blue collor seafood restaruant. Hubby and I went there for the first time about 2 months ago on a Saturday and the food was solid; chowder was just the right consistency with lots of clams, fried clams were battered properly and the baked stuffed lobster perfect. We were pretty pleased with the place. However, on our next visit, it was a Tuesday and my husband's salmon was so overbaked it was like jerky. My husband sent back the fish and recieved a watery bowl of "chowder" with no clams . Not too sure what happened but it left us feeling a bit wary of visiting again.