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Aug 1, 2008 12:59 PM


I went to the South Slope branch today for lunch and was really impressed. It's got all the hallmarks of a family business: careful service; watchful, silent older Italian man speaking to the staff (his kids?) in Italian; delicious food that they take time to prepare.

I always share the story from when they first opened. I went in to pick up a pie I'd ordered and was presented with two pies. They explained that the first pie had shifted when they took it out of the oven and gotten a little crinkle in it; the extra pie was to make up for the additional wait time. Now that's old Brooklyn style...

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  1. i've been singing their praises on this board for a long time. they are our go-to take out pizza - my daughter just loves the crust and that the pizza is tasty but not loaded down with sauce. the cheesesteaks are fabulous. it's old-fashioned family food - and the staff is so kind. i once walked in - having not been there for 2 weeks - and the waitress said: oh, you left your hat here last time you were here and i kept it for you. i hadn't even realized i'd left it there!

    1. That happened to my husband at the Bay Ridge location. They told us they were going to throw out a pie because nobody claimed it. Funny though, all the time we lived in the Slope we never knew about this place. We just discovered it since we moved to Bay Ridge (thanks to all the other BR chowhounds)

      1. I have not been to the PS location and I don't eat pizza but I can suggest that you try some of the other dishes if the menu is the same as the BR location. I have had really really good broccoli rabe. And yes, the service is truly that good. We go thru angst everytime we set out for Tanoreen as we walk past the Peppino's storefront- good thing that Tanoreen is moving...

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          Also try their pasta puttanesca - this is a homestyle, flavorful pasta dish. I've raved about Peppino's many times and so won't repeat past raves, but recently we too get a second pizza on the house because they said that the crust was a little burnt - in fact, it was a tiny slightly over-charred spot and was still delicious.

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              really, peppino's is average at best. when this PS location doesn't "work out", they'll be threads on high rents, blah blah blah.....
              the pizza is so average it scares me.

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                maybe i am eating my words, but me and slopeguy plus our wives had two really decent pies recently. one marg & one saus/garlic, both excellent. word.

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                Sounds like 3rd and 76th, NE corner.