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Craving Indian Food in Orlando

Are there any good Indian Restaurants close to downtown Orlando?

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  1. My favorite Indian restaurant in Orlando is Kohinoor in Altamonte Springs, which is about 10 - 15 minutes north of downtown Orlando in good traffic. You can take I-4 east to 436 (Semoran Boulevard), and make a left. It is a very short distance past I-4 on the right in a strip mall, just a few blocks down. They have a lunch buffet as well as an extensive menu.

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      1. I've eaten at quite a few Indian restaurants in the area and by far the best Indian food in Orlando (and maybe the Western World) is Memories of India. There are two locations, one near Universal and one in Lake Mary. Get the chicken kada masala and their garlic nan. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee.

        If you like something different, try Udipi Cafe in Longwood. They serve up vegetarian dishes from South India. The food doesn't have the Indian flavors I am used to, but my Indian friend swears by its authenticity.

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          I second the Udipi Cafe. Go for lunch and eat at their buffet. Very good (and different) Indian food.

        2. I don't know of any near downtown. Memories of India would be my rec too. Love it!

          1. I love Indian food, but you won't find any in the downtown area. All of the places mentioned are great and worth the drive into the burbs.

            Enjoy exploring!

            1. For reasons posted elsewhere including one of the links posted by CFByrne, my vote goes to New Punjab on I-Drive, located about 1/2 mi South of the intersection with Sand Lake Road. Don't let the exterior and location of the place scare you off from what is, in my opinion, the best Indian food in Orlando.

              1. i enjoy anmol by ucf for lunch. a bit pricy for dinner tho. i wrote this review about a visit to their place recently http://media.www.centralfloridafuture...

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                  Tabla is very close to Universal and it serves very good food. It's been open about 5 months now. The weekday buffet at $7 has to be one of the best values around.


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                    I second Tabla. I don't eat a lot of Indian food so I don't have a lot to compare it to but Tabla is very good food and not too far from Downtown (just off Kirkman from I4). I wish there was a place really downtown though.

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                      I'm in a similiar situation, ie not much experience with Indian food (I have been to Memories of India in Lake Mary a few times, and I like that as well). I read a piece on Tabla and it claimed that the Chef only used organic products. I was in this past weekend for the lunch buffet and I was the only non-indian (out of about 30) in the restaurant.

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                        ill have to try it out, is there a website for tabla?

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                          Herbert, how is the food of Tabla compared to Memories of India in your opinion?

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                            I like both, I've eaten mostly at the Memories of India in Lake Mary, I think I have only been once to the one on Turkey Lake Road restaurant. I've found the servers at the Lake Mary location to be very nice and helpful(they returned my wallet that I had left behind once). I am certainly no expert on Indian food, but Tabla is not as traditional from my understanding and reading of other reviews, they are owned and operated by very nice people as well. I think the lunch buffet at Tabla is a great value, The dinner menu is more expensive at Tabla than Memories of India.

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                              I think the food quality at Memories of India on Turkey Lake is far superior. While neither restaurant has a great atmosphere--one is in a strip mall, the other in a renovated motel dining room--the Memories space is far superior. Tabla has wads of gum stuck under its tables. And, Tabla's staff is frieindly but inept. The lunch buffet is almost entirely vegetarian, so it's not right for everybody.

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                                I do agree the ambience at Tabla isn't as nice. I disagree about the food though, and at every buffet I have been to, they have served at least two non vegetarian courses (usually a chicken tikka, and a lamb dish).

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                                  We almost always agree! Oh well, this forum is all about opinions. I guess the others will have to try both.

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                                    Went again for lunch, I still like it alot. Told them to clean the bottom of the tables. They said that they would. I would like to see what others think of the buffet.

                                    BTW did you know I was Harriet V"s brother?

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                                      I had no idea! It's a good thing we usually agree. I'll probably see H next week. Can't wait now.

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                      anmol is ok but has really bad service beware

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                        yeah service is horrible , they are really inconsistent , but the food is good so i try to ignore it

                    3. Based on previous recommendations on this board, I went to "Memories of India" and was very impressed. Go for dinner. The lunch is good, too, but not as good as the dinner.

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                        I agree on "Memories of India" - have been for lunch and dinner and dinner much better. Heading from Delray to Orlando today for 4 days so I will probably make a visit.