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Aug 1, 2008 12:52 PM

Nobu 57 for group of ten - thoughts?

I'm planning on having a pre-wedding dinner for about 10 people (both bride's and groom's parents and relatives and one grandparent), and I made a reservation for 10 at Nobu 57 for dinner. I'm hoping to spend around $50-60/person, so we won't probably be doing the omakase.

Most of them have never been there before, so I want to try to order the specialties (miso cod, squid pasta, rock shrimp tempura, yellowtail with jalapeno), but I'm not sure how hard it will be to order the right amount to share for 10 people. Does anyone have any experience going there with a large group, and if so, do you have any advice on the best way to order/estimate the number of orders we need of each? Also, besides the dishes I mentioned, are there any other dishes that are easy to share that would be recommended? Thanks in advance.

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  1. We did 10 not too long ago at a great round table upstairs in the corner. You hit all the basics. The waiters will be helpful, but I think your estimate on what you'll spend is low. I'm guessing that doesn't include alcohol - and if the in-laws are getting together, I'm sure you'll need it!

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      I was thinking $50-60 without alcohol (we're just not big drinkers). It looks like the lunch and dinner menus are similar in price (except you have the bento box deals for lunch and larger menus for dinner). Would it be fair to assume it's one of those places that cost the same for lunch and dinner?

    2. My company did a lunch there for 2 tables of 10 and they told us that we would need all have a set menu. It did include all the signature dishes - miso cod, rock shrimp tempura, tuna tataki salad, yellowtail with jalapeno, and a whole lot of sushi and rolls (no squid pasta you mentioned, but I am sure you can ask for it). The lunch also come with desserts of a large platter of mochi ice cream and fruits and chocolates. There were more than enough for all of us and we weren't able to finish the sushi which came in the end (though we did manage to finish the mochi dessert).
      Everything was served on platter at the center of the table for sharing. The food wasn't individually plated.

      I am not sure about the price as I didn't pay for it ^_~. When you call they will of course tell you the cost and you may be able to omit/replace some dishes to stay in your budget. (and I think $60 will not be enough if you were to include alcohol)