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Aug 1, 2008 12:34 PM

site is showing text only

I am getting MainNav is Undefined... and the entire site is showing text only.
(Using IE7)

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  1. Can you shutdown your browser and reopen it? Give that a try and report back ...

    1. It rectified itself - but I had to log on again to Chowhound (leaving a message logged me out)... then I couldn't reply to the post (I just got a spinning wait icon) so I shut the browser and reopened it - now I can reply and see images, but the reply I saw to this post a minute ago has vanished.
      I'm not sure all that makes sense...

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      1. re: Peg

        It does. We updated the cookies so there's sometime a bit of bumpiness with the old ones. Is everything working better for you now?

        Which post was the reply to? Sometimes there are also updating problems but those should be fixed.