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Mid-price restaurant in Newton/Chestnut HIll

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I'm going to the Newton/Chestnut Hill area for dinner next week. Just a casual meeting with my wife's work colleagues. So we're not looking for a place like Capital Grille or Met Club as far as price goes. Suggestions? What does anyone think of Aquitane Bis? Charley's? Ariadne? Bernard's? I'm not really familiar with any of them other than delivering some bread to a couple.

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  1. Aquitaine Bis is fairly pricey so I am not sure it fits into the "mid-price" category. I think either Charley's or Bernards is closer to what you are looking for. Bernards is solid americanized chineese with lots of healthy (i.e. steamed) options too. Charley's is american fare (burgers, steaks, sandwiches and salads) in a casual setting. Neither will knock your socks off but they are both decent enough for the occasional meal. You could also do Legal but I am not sure that is mid-price either these days.

    1. Bernard's is very good, upscale, Chinese but fairly expensive for Chinese; Charley's good for a burger; In the Waban section of Newton, along Beacon Street, I would recommend Kouzina, not too expensive Meditterraen food.

      1. The Union Grill in Newton Center is good for a burger and they have a patio, there's also Sol Azteca Mexican with a patio, and Sapporo for Japanese-Korean.

        1. Green Tea , Dunn Gahrin, Farm Grille, Paddy O's, O'Hara's, Fiorella's, all more Newton than Chestnut Hill, tho' Green Tea is fairly close.

          1. ApGuJung is pretty good Korean BBQ and sushi.

            1114 Beacon St, Newton, MA

            1. Aquitane Bis and Ariadne are high end. Charley's is chain-y bar food and Bernards above average Chinese.

              As mentioned: Sol Azteca - great outdoor patio in Newton Centre. Also Appetito in Newton Center is generally reliable and a good bet for your group.

              1. Tartufo in Newton Center for excellent pasta dishes.

                1. I don't understand the attraction of Bernard's. My one experience was lousy enough not to venture back. I found the food to be bland, the place half empty and the staff nonattentive. What am I missing? Should I go back and try again?

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                    Wow, sorry to hear that. We eat there alot and love it.The service has always been outstanding, with Bernard usually going around to check on things. Go back and try again. Especially good are the thai ribs, the clams in balck bean sauce (not on the menu but ask for them) the deep fried soft shell crabs, the "must try" shrimp in black bean sauce with crispy shallots, the crispy sea bass.
                    For the OP, Kouzina is a great choice. Reasonable prices, cozy place, very good food. We take people there often - usually people who have never been- and they always love it. Nice owners and good service too.