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Aug 1, 2008 12:08 PM

Thick Hot Chocolate and Yogurt in Madrid and Paris

Greetings, perhaps you all can help. I am jonesing for those extra thick hot chocs and yogurt we used to dip our croissant in for breakfast-so delish!. The bistros served it (both the choc and yogurt) and we purchased a great hot chocolate mix in Madrid that was thick and lovely-cant recall the name. Anybody have any brand or recipe suggestions? I have searched some international grocer sites and found a few possibles..any other suggestions?

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  1. What you're looking for is drinking chocolate. They come in solid tabs and can be found at gourmet stores or Latin grocers. Before they became easily available in the US, my family cheated by melting dark chocolate bars in milk and cream, constantly whipping the mixture over a medium flame with a whisk (in the absence of a batidor).

    1. I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m very intrigued by your post. Is this a hot chocolate mixed with yogurt, or are these two separate items that you’re looking for? Some kind of hot-chocolate-yogurt-thingie is suddenly sounding VERY tasty to me.....

      Uncle Ira

      1. I have been making thick hot chocolate for a few months now after I saw a video about it on the Travel Channel. I cannot make it the proper way without scorching the milk so I searched and found some modified corn starch called Thick It at Walgreen's. The way I do it now is I put two ounces of the chocolate bars I like in a 10 oz mug, add 8 oz whole milk, which thickens better than 1% or skim. Then I nuke it for 2 minutes on high, remove the mug, add 2 tablespoons of Thick It, use my immersion blender to mix everything, put the mug back in the microwave oven for roughly 30 seconds and watch to stop the nuke if the hot chocolate starts to boil over, remove the mug and gently stir with a spoon, and it starts to thicken within the next 5 minutes. Now I don't ever have to worry about scorched milk and I get to have my nirvana in a cup, too.

        1. Cornstarch/cornflour is making that hot chocolate thick, essentially the same as instant pudding before it cools. As for the yogurt, it was probably drained.