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Aug 1, 2008 11:57 AM

Seeking Breakfast Joint in Bedford - Billerica - Burlington area

I frequently have to come to Boston for work, out on Middlesex Turnpike in the Bedford - Billerica - Burlington area. Most of the time I just grab some free continental breakfast from the hotel, but one of these mornings I'd like to get up early and head out for some eggs.

I'm equally fond of authentic greasy spoon diners, trendy cafes, and stylized, fusion cuisine, hipster joints--so long as they can fill my plate with lots of eggs and grease. Can anybody recommend a spot out in this area?

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  1. Eggs & grease, eh? Have I got the place for you. In Billerica, on Boston Rd (rt 3A), is the Belly Buster Diner. It's in a plaza called Brown's Corner between Bridge St. and rt 129.

    In Bedford, across from the common, Ken's Deli serves breakfast. It's in a strip of rundown storefronts. Haven't eaten there for breakfast.

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      I'll second the Belly Buster. It's my favorite greasy spoon in the area.

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        I live in Bedford and frequent Belly Buster Diner. It is what I call a real towny breakfast. If you listen carefully you will hear lots of Billerica gossip. Make sure to try the pancakes. They are the best I've had. Servings are big. Wait staff is friendly. Price cant be beat!

    2. Here's a previous post that listed some places. Maybe something here.

      1. A bit out of the way - but not too much, time-wise (5 min up Rt 3), try the Owl Diner in Lowell (North on Rt 3 to the Connector, to the Thorndike St. North exit (one before the end of the connector). From Thorndike (Rt 3A), go up the ramp and turn right onto Appleton street, Diner is right there. Great Eggs Benedict.

        1. Forget about "trendy cafes and stylized fusion cuisine" in that area. National chain outlets, bad pizza, worse Chinese-American food, and cheap roast beef sandwich joints are, however, easy to come by.

          Jimmy's Family Restaurant on Rt 3A in Burlington is a solid diner-style breakfast place, though it's largely unmarked and tucked so far back in an unprepossessing strip mall that it's very easy to miss.

          Oddly enough, there are some great eats to be found (two superb Sichuan restaurants, for instance), but you have to squint.

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            What's the second superb Sichuan restaurant? Are you talking about Sichuan Garden in Woburn? Have you been to the new Sichuan spot in Chelmsford? I think it's called Sichuan Palace, and is mentioned on the New England board.
            Any good?

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              I was referring to Sichuan Gourmet, Billerica, and Sichuan Garden II, Woburn. I only heard about the new spot in Chelmsford this weekend right here on this board, so that goes on my list. I wish I had access to a menu translator.

          2. Thanks to all for the replies. Now I have some options.