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Aug 1, 2008 11:07 AM

Wine store in VA

My coworker mentioned a rwine store with a spectacular selection near Tysons Corner in Virginia but couldn't remember its name. Would any of you happen to know?

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  1. Total Wine & More in McLean?

    1451 Chain Bridge Rd
    McLean, Virginia 22101

    1. I know that Total Wine has a few locations in NOVA, but I'm not sure if that's the establishment your coworker was referring to. The one I've been to in Alexandria has a great selection of wine and beer.

      1. there's one ion Great Falls- can't think of the name, off of Georgetown Pike. not a huge store like Total Wine but excellent mid to high end selection, hard to find Brunellos & Multipulcianos.

        Here in Ashburn WineSith is fantastic. Syrahtica- what a cool wine!

        1. Arrow Wine in Arlington is very well-regarded, but I certainly wouldn't describe it as near Tysons Corner. Extremely knowledgeable staff.

          Much closer to Tysons you'll find two private wine stores: Cecile's Wine Store and The Vineyard. Both are located in McLean proper. Both probably excell in quality since they can't compete with Total in square footage.

          The Vineyard made someone's list of best wine store in the area, but I can't remember who was behind that designation.

          1. There's a reasonable store in the shopping center on Rt. 123 (Maple Ave) and Beulah Rd. in Vienna, about a mile from Tyson's Corner. I can't remember the name and I've never bought wine there (how's that for suggesting just what you're looking for? <g>) but it seemed that they had a pretty good wine department the couple of times I was in there to buy an exotic beer that they carried. If you're in the area, you might pop in. Maybe that's it, or a reasonable substitute.

            If you're just looking for a well stocked and well informed wine store in NoVA, I'd suggest heading for Arrowine on Lee Highway at Kirkwood Road in Arlington.

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              I second the recommendation for Arrowing, though it's not especially near Tyson's. I also like Out of Site Wines in Vienna, at 214 Dominion Rd. NE. Their web site won't tell you much (but check the hours -- they're not open every day), but they have a really nice selection and knowledgeable staff.