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Aug 1, 2008 11:05 AM

Which restaurant serves the best game meat?

Any ideas? Price point doesn't matter and the ambience should be decent (no hole in the walls). Location: Preferably downtown but willing to travel around the GTA. Am looking for some suggestions for a birthday dinner.


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  1. I have had great venison at Scaramouche. Equally outstanding bison and elk at George. But the 8 meat plus 1 fish 'all game tasting menu' I had last fall at Splendido literally blew my mind away. ( terrines, sausages, stews, grilled meat.... ). Only down side was that I was stuffed like a boar at the end of the meal!!

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      Just a short note to clarify that the Splendido game tasting menu was a 'rare one shot' event. Sigh!! However, Chef Lee frequently features Venison and Bison in his tasting menu. You can call or check out their menu at

    2. i liked the bison dish at fuzion for summerlicious, but i've never had bison elsewhere, but it was pretty nice. it's on church street, south of charles, north of wellesley.

      1. You could look into Thuet, I seem to recall him host a special game tasting or something not too long ago, seems like a fall season event so it might be something coming up...

        1. Bistro 990 usually has a game special. Last night it was the rack of venison - it was excellent.

          1. The original comment has been removed