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Aug 1, 2008 11:01 AM

Birthday Ideas for the Foodie Dad

I recently saw an ad for the "New York Culinary Experience" at the FCI, and immediately thought that it'd be a great birthday present for my dad, a professor by day and home chef by night. However, when I saw the price tag of $1500, it didn't seem terribly feasible. I'm trying to find something similar, but for about a thousand dollars less, give or take. Hopefully an alternate, cheaper weekend culinary experience is available, but even highly recommend class at one of the culinary schools would be good. Any ideas?

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  1. Almost anything at ICE is well worth it. They have a WIDE assortment of classes depending on his interests and skill level.

    I personally recommend the French Steakhouse and Holy Cannoli classes.

    1. I had a terrible experience at a class at ICE. No one had any idea how to do anything and for someone that is a "foodie" or has even cooked once before, it's not worth it. Some people didn't even realize that you couldn't touch raw chicken and then work on the other, already prepared dishes!

      I really recommend any classes at the Astor Center. There are top chefs teaching demonstrations and wine tasting classes. There are also some "Hands On" classes and classes taught by the CIA.

      1. To clarify further, my dad (in all likelihood) has the cooking ability and experience to run a restaurant. However, that lifestyle did not fit for our family.

        He hasn't had any formal training, so I believe the things I'm looking for most are 1) something that will teach him new things and 2) something that will allow him to indulge his cooking passion.

        The most interesting thing I've seen so far is this: