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Aug 1, 2008 10:54 AM

Takeout Near Main Line

I am looking for a place that has good take out food near the main line????

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  1. what kind of food? where on the main line?

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    1. here's two that I like

      **Khajuraho-- great Indian food 12 Greenfield Ave. Ardmore

      *Chun Sing --for Chinese, place looks like a diner, on Rt. 30 near Wynnewood Superfresh, very reasonable prices

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      1. re: rocknroll52

        Here's a link to a discussion about Chinese on the Main Line since that encompasses takeout. Personally, I'm not a Chung Sing fan and have recently had two good experiences with Hunan in Ardmore (just not the egg roll).

        For Sushi, love, LOVE SushiLand in Bryn Mawr. Great prices, terrific food.

        If you like burritos you have the new Chipotle in Ardmore and the Santa Fe Burrito in Wynnewood Plaza.

      2. Du Jour on Lancaster Ave in Haverford, in the back of the complex where Jos Bank is. Great selection of all kinds of fresh sandwiches, salads.....more of a gourmet spot, where you can also eat in

        1. Don't hurt me but I like many of the selections at the Food Source on Lancaster Ave