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Aug 1, 2008 10:48 AM

Looking for good lobster around Providence, RI

I am visiting Providence and Newport in a few weeks and saw the below article yesterday. Does anybody know of a good place to get some lobster? The less fancy the restaurant the better.

Maine Lobster Prices
Feel Economic Pinch

July 31, 2008; Page D5

It's peak season for lobster in Maine, yet consumption of the crustacean has fallen to the point where it costs no more than sliced turkey in parts of New England.

A solid harvest and diminished demand from diners adjusting to the weak economy have pushed the retail price of lobster in Maine beneath $6 a pound.

Lobster lovers outside of New England won't notice any change in price, analysts said, since Maine's summertime catch is mostly soft-shelled and too fragile to ship long distances.

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  1. Hi!

    Hope you have a great time here in RI. Lots of places do a nice job with lobster but in my never-to-be-humble opinion the best is The Lobster Pot in Bristol. It is about 20 - 25 minutes outside of Providence, right on Rte. 114. It has been there forever and while not exactly jeans and flip-flops it is not jacket and tie either. Lounge side of the restuarant is casual and there is even an outdoor patio, right on the water. Not exactly low priced, either but you get what you pay for. Recomend the simple boiled critter. Best way to eat them and they do a super job with them that way. Enjoy your stay here!!!

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      "Stella Blues" offers the best lobster roll, bar none. The restaurant is located in the seaside town of Warren, RI on Water Street, right off of Rte 114 (about fifteen minutes from Providence). Across the street from "Stella Blues" is the always consistent Wharf Tavern, which has a variety of lobster dinners on their menu. They are a wterfront restaurant, as well. Both places are very affordable.

      I haven't been to the Lobster Pot in a couple of years. I personally always found it much more expensive than other area restaurants, even though the quality and atmosphere was comparable to those others (starting with The Wharf Tavern). That's what has kept me away for the past couple of summers.

      Nearby, right over the line in Seekonk MA is The Old Grist Mill Tavern. Each summer (for about twenty years now) they offer "Lobsterfest" - in which all their lobster dinners are priced 'just right' and you have a variety of dinners to choose from. All the dinners - as well as the lobster rolls - are very affordable and delicous. I'm not positive they are doing it this year (my friends and I usually go in Aug-Sept for it) but you may want to call ahead and see - it's worth it (Again, it's not far from Providence at all).