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Aug 1, 2008 10:40 AM

Brunch at Jar, Comme ca or Hungry cat?

I have already been to Jar for brunch. I read some Ok reviews for the other two. I have already been to Ammo, Campanile, joe's, Anisette,cafe del ray. Any other ideas? It is so hard to find a good brunch place with creative items. Please help.

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  1. I would say Jar, hands down, but you have already been there. I have never had Hungry Cat's brunch so I can't say how it is, but Comme Ca does a nice service. Worth a shot if you have never been there, although it doesn't really meet your "creative" test. The brunch menu is a lot like Anisette's.

    3 Square on Abbot Kinney in Venice (by Rockenwagner) is a brunch winner. It is a little more low key/casual than the places you list, but it does have some new twists on brunch, including Rockenwager's famous pretzel burger.

    For something out of the ordinary - more old school - I would suggest the Sunday brunch at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is a three course meal (you choose among a set of options) for $45 per person with the first cocktail included - my favorite, the Ramos Fizz. Be sure to ask for a seat out on the patio.

    1. I had brunch the other day at Little Next Door and really enjoyed it. The menu is similar to traditional fare you'd find like omelettes, fritatas, french toast, granola/yogurt, etc...with a refined French twist. I don't think they are as upscale as some of the others you mention but worth a visit. I've been to Jar, Anisette and 3 Square for lunch and prefer Little Next Door to all of them.

      We had the brioche French Toast that was perfect and the potato, onion and bacon omelette with mushrooms added. The french toast was crispy on the outside and a little soft and gooey inside with a very nice warm maple syrup. It came with a nice side of fresh fruit. The omelette was huge with a great mixture of filling to egg ratio. The eggs came with a side of potato gratin. What a great idea. By the end of the meal I was putting the cheesy potato gratin on top of the omelette and taking huge bites. We were eyeing the granola, yogurt and fruit sampler next door. They bring each of the 3 components in their own little dishes so you can combine them as you please. This has shot up my list of brunch places.

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        Little Next Door's brunch is lovely, albeit a bit pricey for what it is. Don't know if you want a fancier venue, but I'd say LND and the above listed 3 Square are more casual than the 3 options the OP mentioned.

        I haven't done Comme Ca's brunch, but Jar's is really reliable and consistent. Hungry Cat's is good as well. I know not everyone on these boards has had good experiences at Anisette, but I've had a couple of really nice brunches there with good service to boot.

      2. I haven't been to Jar, but went to Hungry Cat at Santa Barbara for brunch, and Comme Ca for brunch just today.

        So based on the 'creative' and more variety element, I would go for Hungry Cat out of the two. Comme Ca has a lot of the standard eggs dishes (eggs benedict, steak and eggs, quiche, scrambled eggs, etc). The only non-eggy dish is the burger, the pan perdu and small plates such as pastry and oatmeal.

        3 squares breakfast menu sounded interesting and more unusual. It's on my list to try.

        1. Thank you. We ended up going to Comme Ca and it was Ok. We shared the burger and pain perdu. Burger was good, but very thick and we enjoyed the fries. Pain perdu was too rich for our taste, we each had a piece. They served us cold coffee at first, and later on never asked us if we wanted a refill. The place is OK and I felt not special enough to charge $14 for cocktails and $28 for flat iron steak and egg !!

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            We had the burger also, and agree that the burger is too thick - at least there's no way I can put my mouth around that entire burger. The meat was good though and clearly the star of the show.The other thing that's strange is that the lettuce was completely wilted in my burger. My fries weren't very crispy.

          2. Brunch and Campanille is great is great too...La Brea/3rd area...