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Los Clasicos: Authentic Mexican on St Laurent

Speveo Aug 1, 2008 10:37 AM

Has anybody tried the new mexican restaurant on Boul. St Laurent just above Ave. Mont Royal? It's in the space where Ail Y'ail Y'ail used to be, plus they've expanded the restaurant into the large adjacent store area so it`s a far less cramped space. It just opened this week.

I have been twice already, and I've had the enchiladas mole and the beef and bacon alambres. I've also sampled their gringas and chilaquiles (with 2 eggs) aswell, all very tasty and delicious. I also tried some of their drinks like the agua de horchata and the watermelon variation which was amazingly fresh.

I'm not really that familiar with mexican cuisine so I'm wondering how authentic their dishes are.

The service has been really great and attentive so far, and I think it should be pretty successful. It's a nice addition to the area and the prices are incredibly reasonable. On average I've paid 8 - 12 dollars for a main and a drink.

The address is 4563 Boulevard St Laurent for those of you that are interested.

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    emerilcantcook RE: Speveo Aug 1, 2008 11:14 AM

    How was the mole? And more importantly did they have chile rellenos? Me so craving.

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      Speveo RE: emerilcantcook Aug 1, 2008 07:14 PM

      I'm pretty sure I saw chile rellenos, but I'm not 100% sure. Next time I walk past or eat there I'll double check.

      As for the mole, again I'm no expert. I've had mole at Maria Bonita, La Chilineta and Lele Da Cuca, and this has been the best I've tasted so far. It's rich with a good balance of flavours. Maria Bonita's I found overly bitter with too much cacao and Lele Da Cuca's flavours too subtle. La Chilineta's I enjoy sometimes, but Los Clasicos is better.

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      sparky11007 RE: Speveo Apr 4, 2009 05:12 PM

      I was there last night, and I must say this is some great mexican food. I grew up in an area of the us with lots of migrant workers, so I'm used to real mexican food and not the texmex crap that they serve at Carlos & Pepe's. I know I'll be back and very often.

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        moh RE: sparky11007 Apr 4, 2009 08:05 PM

        Yes, I love this place too. The food tastes very real and homemade. I never feel gross and bloated when I leave after a meal, which is too often a problem when I go to most Mexican places in Montreal. And when it is Mexican independence day, you have to go in for their Chiles en Nogada special. Unreal. So good. It is a real pleasure to eat.

        1. re: moh
          mainsqueeze RE: moh Apr 5, 2009 07:20 AM

          Do they only have chiles en nogada only on Mexican Independence day, or is it a regular menuu item?

          1. re: mainsqueeze
            moh RE: mainsqueeze Apr 5, 2009 07:23 AM

            Only on mexican Independance day. Mark your calendar!

            1. re: moh
              mainsqueeze RE: moh Apr 5, 2009 07:24 AM

              Oh, I won't forget! Mexican Independence day is also my birthday!

              1. re: moh
                mainsqueeze RE: moh Sep 3, 2009 06:33 AM

                Five months later, and I am still salivating at the thought of a chiles enogado birthday dinner.

                Does anyone know if the chiles are available on the 15th or the 16th? I know officially independence day is the 16th, but Mexican friends have told me that the celebrations usually take place on the 15th in the evening.

                1. re: mainsqueeze
                  moh RE: mainsqueeze Sep 3, 2009 12:15 PM

                  I spoke to the people at the resto the other week, and asked if they were going to repeat the chiles en nogado. They said they hadn't decided, and told me to cal them in September to see. I was thinking of heading there this weekend for some posole, and will follow-up with them then. But if other people called and bugged them, they might see that there is a real interest, and be more willing to offer it again (hint hint hint)

                  I'll do my best to convince them they need to do this!

                  It would be Sept. 15.

                  1. re: moh
                    mainsqueeze RE: moh Sep 3, 2009 12:43 PM

                    Tell them the Birthday Girl demands chiles en nogada! Hehe. Maybe I will give them a call.

                    1. re: moh
                      Shattered RE: moh Sep 11, 2009 11:05 AM

                      Hey moh, do you know if the special is on next Tuesday? Should I reserve? Thanks.

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            emerilcantcook RE: Speveo Apr 5, 2009 02:58 PM

            I've been a few times so far, and every visit, I've been out with a happy tummy. Their mole is decent, and their salsas are fantastic. Actually this is really bad, because I can go through three baskets of chips with these salsas. We've also tried their breakfast, which is served every day. Their chilaquiles was (were?) a little too wet (I prefer some of the tortillas to remain intact), but the green sauce was yummy. I also tried their red pozole and it was excellent.

            The drinks (aguas and horchatas) are also nice if you like this type of drinks, but they are authentically very sweet and sometimes too much for me. They also serve fresh juices for breakfast and these are not as sweet. So far, the only thing that I found meh was their cochinita pibil, which was a little bit too one dimensional (main dimension being the orange juice), especially compared to versions I've had in Mexico. But hey, I still liked it enough to finish it up.

            BTW, they finally got their liquor license. They have a short wine list, some beers and of course the obligatory tequila cocktails.

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            1. re: emerilcantcook
              brianru RE: emerilcantcook Apr 9, 2009 03:56 PM

              How are the portions? I'm trying to convince some university students to go and they need quantity reassurances...

              1. re: brianru
                celfie RE: brianru Apr 9, 2009 08:58 PM

                its been a while since ive gone but if memory serves me, portions and price are comparable to tapas

                1. re: celfie
                  emerilcantcook RE: celfie Apr 9, 2009 09:53 PM

                  I have no idea what you mean by prices are comparable to tapas. Doesn't that depend on the tapas restaurant? (Not to mention, in Spain, they could be free)

                  I think the portions are fairly big. They are not Cheesecake Factory size portions, but unless you are a professional hockey player you probably will get full with a main or if decadent, one app and main. At least, I do. And this is coming from a woman who would go out for lunch with 6 men and finish up the plates before the rest.

                  For prices, here is the menu. http://restomontreal.ca/restaurants/i...

                  And no, a 9.95 portion is not a tapas or appetizer size. One person would be able to feed themselves with that one plate.

                  1. re: emerilcantcook
                    moh RE: emerilcantcook Apr 10, 2009 05:15 AM

                    Plus there are all the tortilla chips with their homemade salsas that I could plough through and fill-up on. Yes, I can't say I've left there hungry. The food is satisfying and filling without being overly heavy. Certainly, if you get an appetizer (such as the yummy guacamole) and a main, you won't go hungry.

                    But if you had a bunch of starving college students, perhaps they might get more bang for their buck at Trois Amigos...

                    1. re: moh
                      celfie RE: moh Apr 10, 2009 06:17 AM

                      ive been 3 times in a group - we shared many dishes, each spending about $20 and each time we all left hungry. but the food is very good.

                      1. re: celfie
                        moh RE: celfie Apr 10, 2009 06:49 AM

                        Now that you mention it, I do recall one time going in with a bigger crowd, and leaving not hungry, but not stuffed either.

                        They don't give a lot of filler with their meals, like a big heap of rice or a mound of beans. I do agree they could do more of that kind of thing, especially since unlike most Mexican places I've been to, I actually really like their rice and their beans. They are very tasty.

                        So perhaps not the cheapest and most filling choice for a crowd of starving college students... I miss a lot about my college days, but the starving bit, well, glad I'm past that....

                        1. re: moh
                          cherylmtl RE: moh Apr 16, 2009 01:39 PM

                          If it's the same bigger crowd I'm thinking of, some of us left feeling extremely stuffed (and no, we didn't eat all of Moh's food)...so it just depends how big your appetite is!

                          1. re: cherylmtl
                            brianru RE: cherylmtl Apr 17, 2009 09:57 PM

                            We ended up being stuffed after going through about a basket of chips each. Those salsas are awesome.

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              emerilcantcook RE: Speveo May 19, 2009 09:09 PM

              I wrote this in the restaurant openings thread as well, but there is a new "Express" branch of Los Classicos on St Catherine, just east St Laurent. The menu seems a little more limited, and there is not a lot of seating but it provides an option for a post concert/theatre meal, or post Cleopatra refueling, whatever you fancy.

              1. m
                morebubbles RE: Speveo Sep 11, 2009 11:46 AM

                News to all that are interested in chiles en nogada at Los Clasicos. I called Los Clasicos today and they said they will make chiles en nogada this coming Tuesday, 15 September, only. For dinner, not lunch.
                I was there about 2 months ago and enjoyed the food veyr much, especially the flautas, rolled fried corn tortillas with a filling of either chicken or potatoes. I had chicken, but a Mexican friend of mine says flautas with potatoes are a great thing. Anyway, here are some photos, in order, they are flautas, enchiladas with salsa verde and the great salsas with tortilla chips.

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                1. re: morebubbles
                  moh RE: morebubbles Sep 11, 2009 12:10 PM

                  Thanks for confirming this Morebubbles! You rock!

                  1. re: morebubbles
                    Shattered RE: morebubbles Sep 12, 2009 10:06 AM

                    Schweet! Thanks!

                    1. re: Shattered
                      mainsqueeze RE: Shattered Sep 16, 2009 01:18 PM

                      So did you get to try it?

                      1. re: mainsqueeze
                        moh RE: mainsqueeze Sep 16, 2009 09:28 PM

                        The chiles en nogado were different than last year. This year, they were a cold dish. The poblanos were roasted and stuffed with a spiced beef filling. then the chiles were covered in a cold creamy white sweet sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. The spiced beef filling was delicious, but I found the white sauce a little bit too sweet for my tastes. It was a nice contrast with the savory pepper though. I found the coolness of the dish refreshing, and I enjoyed it, but I hope they go back to the hot one next year....

                        The horchata was excellent, and their salsas are delicious as always. I must remember to go in soon for their posole breakfast, it has been too long.

                        1. re: moh
                          SnackHappy RE: moh Sep 17, 2009 06:17 AM

                          It was my first time having chiles en nogada so I had no expectations or points of reference, but I must admit that getting them cold was a bit of a surprise. One of the employees, possibly one of the owners, explained the dish to us a bit and told us that it is traditionally served this way. Actually he said they they are served warm (I did some reading up that confirms this), but ours were only a bit above fridge temperature. Overall I really enjoyed it, even though I found it very rich. I didn't mind the sweetness of the sauce, but definitely would prefer something a bit less sweet and a bit more tart.

                        2. re: mainsqueeze
                          blond_america RE: mainsqueeze Sep 17, 2009 06:47 AM

                          I found the sauce to be very rich though i did manage to finish the whole plate. I'm really glad to have tried such a unique dish. I also found the sauce a little too sweet but overall i enjoyed the dish.

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