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Aug 1, 2008 10:33 AM

HELP - Kuma Inn or Bread Bar at Tabla TOMORROW

I am taking my girlfriend out to dinner during our last weekend in the city and have reservations at both places.

We both love Asian food (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai) in general, but I saw one or two posts that said Kuma Inn is just so so.

We've tried a few of Danny Meyer's other restaurants (Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke, Shake Shack) and loved them all.

Which do you recommend? Please help!


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  1. They are two very different restaurants. Kuma Inn is in my opinion great--they always have 4 or 5 specials (all small plates so it makes a big difference) that are usually even better than the already good food. But it is much more of a--dare I say it--hipster, lower east side crowd than the bread bar at tabla (I love danny meyer but personally I'm just not crazy about Tabla etc but I think it is still very good food).

    1. i had two decent visits to Kuma Inn, and while fine, i wouldn't choose it for a momentous last meal in the city dinner...

      Bread Bar was one of my most memorably awful experiences in a Manhattan restaurant...i'd say go there if you want to be happy afterwards that you are leaving create nicer memories, definitely go elsewhere...

      the possibilities for farewell-to-NY dinners are endless...a lot depends on what kind of food will be lacking in the place you are moving to...

      Depending on where you are headed next, you might want to choose a great sushi place or old-school Italian...but very subjective...

      When i left the city a year ago, i repeatedly hit: Balthazar, the counter at Grand Central Oyster Bar, Lucien, Ushi Wakamaru, and Il Giglio...but that's just personal preference...

      1. I've not been to Kuma Inn, but I've always liked the food at Bread Bar - I've posted in the past with some of the dishes/cocktail/wine that I've enjoyed. If you go, and they have them, definitely get the donut holes for dessert.

        1. Kuma Inn is not really what I'd consider a my-last-dinner-in-the-city kind of place. The food's OK but not something I would write home about and the ambiance, well, it's just a slight upgrade over a Chinese steam table noodle restaurant.

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            Thanks. We went to Kuma Inn - definitely not a last-dinner-in-the-city kind of place, though an enjoyable experience. Overall, I'd recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for good food in a cool, laid-back, atmosphere. The prices of the small plates can add up quickly - on food only (Kuma is BYOB), we spent about $40/person. The food is not amazing, but it is very good, and I would definitely go back. We have almost two weeks left in the city, just not next weekend, so we'll have to try somewhere else before we go.

          2. The original comment has been removed