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Aug 1, 2008 10:25 AM

Veggie Pre-fixe anyone?

So I've been lurking on the chowhound boards for a while now without ever really registering so I guess I should introduce myself. I'm 24 and just moved to the westside from the SGV. I'm not completely vegetarian, but I do like to indulge my rabbit urges every now and then. I was curious if anyone knew some good places to go for a nice vegetarian pre-fixe meal? It doesn't specifically have to be on the Westside, if it's good enough I'll drive all over the city, but I was just looking for some options. I know Melisse has an option that's decent and my friend mentioned another restaurant whose name and location now escape me (sorry), but any other suggestions would be really helpful. I've scoured the boards and google and haven't had much success besides those two, so hopefully some of you dear posters can enlighten me! Thanks for reading...

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  1. Would like to know, as well. Thanks for initiating.

    1. Melisse is a lot more than "decent," my friend. It's one of the very best meals I've ever eaten.

      There aren't that many places that have vegetarian tasting menus/prix fixes -- but happily, most (if not all) places that have any kind of tasting menu can do a vegetarian version upon request. Call ahead to find out their policy on it; some of them can just do it on the spot when you get there, while others require advance notice to the chef.

      I've had veg tastings at Providence and Ortolan, neither of which advertises that option on their website/menu, and both were great. Lucuqes' Sunday Supper, one of the great cheap prix-fixes in town, always has a meatless option even if it's not shown. When we went, our server even gave us the option to have Suzanne Goin whip up something vegetarian for us off the cuff, so of course we had to take her up on it.

      1. Grace will do a lovely vegetarian tasting menu if you ask.

        La Cachette too will do a veggie tasting menu

        Inn of the Seventh Ray is another option if you're willing to make the drive.

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          although inn of the seventh ray is absolutely beautiful, their food is, imho, meh.