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Aug 1, 2008 09:27 AM

Marcus Dairy Bar in Danbury, CT - still open?

I'm a bit too far from Danbury to drive out and see for myself if it's open, but when I call the Dairy Bar, all I get is an answering machine. I kept hearing rumors that it had closed, or it was being revamped into retail shops. My husband and I loved dropping by here for lunch and a sweet treat. Is this gem still around??

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  1. I believe it is still open. I drove by this week and it was. They do plan to shut down soon and convert the space into a strip mall. Just what we need.

    Very sad. :(

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      Another example of, "pave paradise - put up a parking lot!" A strip mall - right across from a gigantic mall! Sheesh! Thank you, AEL - I'll stop by as soon as I can before it's all gone.

    2. Just noticed this post and had to laugh. Yes, they are still open. And just like they don't pick up the phone they will ignore you inside too unless you are a regular. Awful food and worse service. Skip it.

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        Yeah - they are pretty aloof with that phone! The Dairy Bar is a place I go to for nostalgia purposes more than anything else. I do love their turkey sandwiches and their strawberry milk though! I'll stick firmly to those on my next visit - thanks for the update.

      2. The other "marvelous" thing about the Dairy Bar is that on certain days it is/was a serious biker hangout. They love to drive their incredibly noisy Harleys right by the family house which, being old, is right by the road and thus has no noise buffer. Lovely. And I mean a LOT of driving back and forth -- there is no way that all the folks driving by one way could ever fit in the bar at one time.

        And the Chow poster's take on service/food is absolutely correct. While I hate the idea of a strip mall again -- they could have thought of something else -- I confess that I do not mourn this place as much as I normally mourn the passing of an old local place. Sorry fellow Chows, but no use in lying. :-(

        1. The Marcus Dairy Bar in Danbury, CT was closed on Feb 6, 2011. The structure, along with all of the other dairy buildings, was torn down soon after. Construction is underway for a new shopping center that will include a Whole Foods, set to open in late 2012.