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Aug 1, 2008 09:02 AM

Incredible grilled cheese?

Any great grilled cheeses in the city? I like the one that Bouchon does.

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  1. The one ate Resto has is grilled in pork fat and is ridiculously good but not your typical obviously. The Spotted Pig rocks a pretty good grilled cheese as well.

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    1. re: roze

      Yes, it is excellent. Small but very rich and heavy. I think they only have it at lunch/brunch and not dinner.

      1. re: kathryn

        I recalled shivohum is a vegetarian? perhaps I am wrong...

        1. re: kobetobiko

          Absolutely right. Thanks for remembering! :-)

          The Vegetarian New Yorker:

    2. The Gruyere grilled cheese at Ditch Plains. Best thing on their menu. Haven't had Bouchon.

      1. Hi shivohum,

        Smith's on MacDougal (not The Smith in EV) has a grilled cheese sandwich night on Sunday. Not all of them are vegetarian, but I am sure you can request for no meat.

        1. Say Cheese, on 9th & 45th. Quirky hole-in-the-wall but with a variety of good grilled cheese options.
          Googie's, on the UES, used to have the best, R.I.P.

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          1. re: ssf36

            Say Cheese does have a large variety of sandwiches, but none of them is particularly good in my opinion because they use unsalted butter when they grill. You really need that salty flavor on the outside.

            I've never eaten the gruyère sandwich at Wichcraft, but I'd recommend their fontina and black trumpet mushroom grilled cheese. I'm sure that the former is good too.

          2. I love the gruyere and caramilzed onions at wichcraft. I usually add bacon to it and it's amazinggggg and they don't charge u extra. making it only a whooping $6 for a delicious sammy

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            1. re: kelea

              Agree that is a great grilled cheese. Never thought to add bacon to it though...I like where you're going with that.

              But to be honest, my favorite grilled cheese comes from a diner. Any diner. There is nothing more perfect than a diner grilled cheese.

              1. re: kelea

                That's definitely one of my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches. Especially because it's so close to my office - convenience helps. Next time I go I am definitely trying it with bacon!!

                1. re: stephaniec25

                  Sometimes i up the ante and add avocado as well....go crazy guys and let me know how you like it!

                2. re: kelea

                  That's the one I would have suggested too. I swear they used to have one with pear when they first opened, that was excellent as well, but I don't see it on the menu so maybe I imagined it.

                  1. re: sugartoof

                    Nope you didn't. It's on cranberry walnut (or pecan bread), it's pretty good but not outstanding.

                    1. re: ballulah

                      Hmm, maybe they changed the bread. Don't think I'd order a grilled cheese on a cranberry bread. In fact remember it being more of a sourdough then a harvest, nut berry bread.... but whatever I had I liked at the time.