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Aug 1, 2008 09:00 AM

Looking for culantro in DC/NoVA

Hey Hounds,

Does anyone know where I can find fresh culantro in the DC/NoVA area? Would SuperH have it?


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  1. I bet super H and Bestway stores would have it.

    1. The H Mart in Wheaton has it for sure, so they'd prob have it in VA too.

      1. My mother other day told me that the large Ethnic Supermarket on Backlick Road in Springfield has it. I dont know the name of the supermarket but I can try to describe the location. its in Springfield (not far from Annandale) near the Washington Post Distribution Center. Best way to describe the location is from the Beltway take Braddock Road east. Right on Backlick Road and its down in a large shopping center on the right about 3 miles down (you will pass Edsall Road). I am planning on venturing there myself this weekend to use to make some Puerto Rican sofrito. Pls let me know if you find it elswhere.

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          oops - I am sorry the shopping center is on the left past Edsall Road - its in an old Hechingers Building set away from the road.

        2. I must be trying to avoid working today - I just called the Bestway Supermarket, 5695 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, VA 703.960.8501. They have some in stock at 1.29 a bunch.

          1. I get mine at Wegman's.