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Aug 1, 2008 08:56 AM

Reservations needed for Lotus of Siam?

After hearing all the excitement and hub-bub about this restaurant in Vegas I figure I better check it out.
I'm heading to Vegas for a week on August 29th, but I'm unsure if reserving is necessary. If I walk in, will I get a table for 2 fairly easily?

I know I could just 'book it' but I already have 3 reservations at restaurants and I know when I get there I will want some freedom to check out restaurants that I haven't even heard of yet.

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  1. It can be crowded, especially on a weekend. I was surprised how full it was when I was there last and we went on a thursday, iirc. I was glad to have a reservation as several other people were waiting in the small foyer. I would make a reservation and you can always call and change it if necessary.

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    1. I went there 7 times in July and there wasn't one time when at some point at dinner that there was a wait for tables. But on weeknights, you can usually reserve the same day. One tip: if you do try to reserve same day, I'd call during lunch. They have no answering machine or voicemail. There's no need to have someone answer the phone while they're closed in between meals.