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Aug 1, 2008 08:50 AM

H.I. Rib & Co - Conshohocken - open? good?

in topic, this resto was mentioned as supposed to open in June. Anyone know if they did? If it's any good? DH and I are dying for some cajun food, would be awesome if we could get it on our home turf.

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  1. not yet. looks like hiring now.. finishing touches by the looks of things

    1. The cajun place was Le Bon Temps. H.I. Rib is bbq although I guess they sort of have a cajun/jazzy theme but the food is pretty much straight up bbq. Cajun-spiced ribs and catfish are about the closest you get. You can see the menu at

      I went to the Pennington location many years ago and it was pretty decent. Not spectacular, but Mercer County isn't exactly a barbecue mecca, and neither is Conshy for that matter, so I'm looking forward to having a new bbq source close to home.

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        thanks for the info... you want good bbq in Montco, see this thread:

      2. The new H.I. Rib on Ridge Pike at Chemical Road in Conshohocken is scheduled to open on Thursday, September 4, 2008.

        421 W. Ridge Pike
        Conshohocken, (Plymouth Twp.)
        PA 19428

        At the present time there is no phone number for this location.

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            Sorry about the address mistake. I was looking at the Plymouth Township zoning map, which does not show the names of the property owners, only addresses.

            The address of H.I Rib (old Lonestar building) is 505 W. Ridge Pk.

            The restaurant's phone number is: 610-940-1461

            However if you entered "421 Ridge Pk, Conshohocken" into your TomTom, I think you would still manage to find H.I. Rib next door to Ray's Appliances.

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              This location does not open until Sept 15th actually. As of earlier this week when I called.

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                Correction - moved back until Sept. 25th for dinner for weekends, then October 6th - 7days week, lunch and dinner

        2. Back in the 90s there was a HI Rib in Egg Harbor Township NJ,and then after that they moved to Rt 40 in Mays Landing.They were Ok,nothing special for BBQ as I recall but I dont remember them as being even remotely Cajun.Seems odd that they would reincarnate in the Philly burbs,I guess it may be a completely different outfit.

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          1. It IS open. My wife stopped in a brought home some take out. We had a really good Rib combo platter & a sweet potato. My young son had the chicken fingers. The ribs were surprisingly good, as was the sweet potato! My usually very fickle son totally enjoyed his meal! I/we look forward to our return, which will be soon as it is very close to where we live. I will update on the whole experience at that time!

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              What are the prices like? I went to their web site for the NJ location but they don't list the prices. Thanks!

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                We have already been back 3 times!! Ribs are truly amazing! The sides ranges from fantastic to "pretty good" . The service has been pleasant, prompt and fine. My only problem with this place is that it is way too close to my home and I am trying to shed some bulk! I hope that H.I.Rib stays this good, cause we need some really good BBQ places up here!