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Aug 1, 2008 08:44 AM

Visiting Montreal

My husband and I will be visiting Montreal in late August. We will only have four days there. We like most kinds of food and when on vacation, money isn't too much of a consideration, as long as we get quality. We were also thinking of one day taking a bus tour to Ottowa. We will be staying at The Queen Elizabeth. I was told this hotel has a good location to walk just about everywhere. Can anyone make suggestions of where to eat, markets to visit, places to see. I was also told that it has a direct connection to the underground mall and subway, which is supposed to have some amazing food stalls as well. Thanks for your help.

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  1. These are some places I like:
    French: Lemeac, L'Express
    Italian: Cafe via Dante, Lucca, Roberto
    Chinese: Beijing, Kam Fung(dim sum)
    Viet: Pho Lien
    Portugese: Jano
    Pastries: Duc de Lorraine, Gascogne

    Get some bagels at St-Viater, some smoked meat at schwartz's, a poutine at la banquise.

    Had the breakfast at the Queen E. once and it was really good(a bit expensive though).

    ps. underground mall food sucks.

    Enjoy your stay.