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Aug 1, 2008 08:33 AM

"New" Good Breakfast in El Paso?

DH's bday this weekend. Would like to take everyone out Sunday AM. Any suggestions? We usually do JBs or Village Inn.

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  1. Well, no one responded so we took a gamble. Went to Lucys on Sat am. The place has gone seriously downhill but I can't resist the Chilangas- basically an egg based pile of goop on top of stale tortillas with a flag drape-ing of crema and guac sauce. I loved the beans- not traditional EP soupy loose but thicker. Not place to take the faint of heart since it is really a dive. Sunday was "Rincon" where the atmosphere was more "upscale" compared to Lucy's ( ie clean!). The food was good but not stellar. I had eggs with green chile and the plate had so much non saucy liquid, it really watered the whole effect down. Meat was on the dry side. I have come to town about 5 times this year and I have yet to have a meal that I thought was really great. Or even really good. One thing is that the waitstaff everywhere has been really gracious...

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      i moved from there a couple of years ago, but one of our favorite places for breakfast (any meal, for that matter), was carnitas queretaro. there were several locations around town. the mexicana breakfast with potatoes, chorizo, beans, and fried eggs was to die for!!

      1. re: hellpaso

        We have almost gone a number of times- went in once hoping for take out, but they said that they didn't do it. Will definitely do it next time.

    2. if you're looking for a great breakfast in el paso, look no further than h&h carwash on east yandell downtown by st. clements church. the picadillo almuerzo plate is awesome, make sure to get your eggs sunnyside up, and ask for some of their super picante chile de arbol. h&h carwash is the best!!!

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        carnitas querretaro rocks !!!! i love their food, lucy's isnt bad either, esp the original diner location down further on mesa, where lucy herself cooks the food right in front of you. order the machaca plate, the tacos anotonia, or the steak picado breakfast....all stellar choices, i havent lived in elpaso for years, and yet i still day dream of the food. i wish they'd open a chico's tacos in houston!!!

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          I know this suggestion is in a different vein than the Mexican breakfast suggestions....The Bagel Place on N. Resler is terrific.
          I just spent a week in El Paso on Business......
          I found The Bagel Place to be fresh, casual, great Vibe and a fun casual breakfast place.....They bake their bagels fresh everday...great coffee too!

          I look forward to my next visit!

          1. re: ciaogal

            ciaogal--Any recs for dinner? We'll be there next month and staying at the Courtyard near the airport.


            1. re: Philly

              My Favorite Dinner spot in El Paso is Cafe Central...

              I's fun, creative, and a wonderful wine list!
              I susally make a dinner from the appetizers as I travel solo...and want to try so many different things!

              The cream of green chili soup is divine!


              1. re: ciaogal

                Many thanks. Will definitely go there.

                1. re: Philly

                  like i said, i left a while ago. if you're interested in inexpensive home cooked foods, check out elmer's. it's on montana just west of the airport. cattlemen's steakhouse is east on 1-10 in fabens, and is a total experience--rattlesnake pits, horses, prairie dogs, and fabulous steaks & sunsets.