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Aug 1, 2008 08:29 AM

Key West Recommendations?

We have friends going to Key West for their honeymoon and we'd like to get them a gift certificate. Any recommendations? They love seafood and would probably like a place that's honeymoon-esque--kind of romantic and more conventional. Thank you!

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  1. Rick's Blue Heaven is a nice backyard casual place (with a tree swing!) and Seven Fish are both sedate non-Duval madness places.

    Rick's is in Bahama Village (do I recall the name of the 'hood right?) a few blocks West-ish off Duval and 7 Fish is East-ish off the other way.

    nothing on Duval itself for romantic. unless a LOT has changed. it would be like sending someone in NOLA to Bourbon Street for a first date.

    although there are fun places for after dinner drinks and late night general idiocy.

    1. smmass>

      915 Duval or the Cafe Marquesa would be nice:


      1. Seven Fish has great food but the tables are a bit close together so it doesn't make for a very romantic eve.
        Ricky's Blue Heaven is not at all romantic in my book, unless you enjoy having chickens running all over the place, including the dining area.
        915 Duval would be a great pick.
        See these as well,

        btw - There are many romantic restaurants on Duval. 915, Antonia's, La Trattoria, Bagatelle, Martins, Banana Cafe. You just need to know where to look.

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          Two very romantic and away-from-Duval-craziness restaurants that I can personally recommend:

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            Which places would you think would be a good choice for an end of year party (Dinner) - group of about 40, with a private room/area? I am familiar with Bagatelle, any other thoughts?

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              Antonia's has a seperate room that should hold all of you. Its a very nice Italian restaurant. Michaels also has a seperate room but I do not know if it will hold 40 but give them a call.

          2. I just got back from Key West this weekend. For dinner, I would definitely recommend Cafe Marquesa. We were a big group, and everyone was impressed. The seafood was especially good.

            For breakfast, I tried Banana Cafe and Blue Heaven. Banana Cafe is a French breakfast/lunch spot, and Blue Heaven is a Key West institution. Foodwise, both were really good, although if you twisted my arm I would go back to Banana Cafe. The scrambled eggs a la ratatouille were great.

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              The recommendation for Cafe Marquesa is definitely on target. I have been going to Key West for 20 years and the Cafe predates the hotel, also of great quality. This is the only place for a great, romantic upscale dinner. Pisces, which someone recommended, is priced slightoly higher, but with MUCH worse food and terrible service.

            2. I would suggest Michaels for a romantic dinner. Check out the website. Also, we recently had a very romantic dinner aboard the Dreamchaser - shrimp. lobster, yellowtail snapper, etc/ - all cooked fresh on board. The boat only carries six passengers, so it is intimate. The price was about $82.00 per person and included wine.