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Aug 1, 2008 08:23 AM

Fruit shaped ice cream

Hi there - does anyone know where in Toronto i can buy those cute little fruit-shaped ice creams? they are little strawberry, peaches, walnuts that are made of the respective flavour of ice cream...thanks!

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  1. My mother-in-law gets these around Christmas time. I think she gets them from a place in Toronto called Coleman's.

    1. You might be referring to the imported Bindi ice cream fruits. The smaller ones, like walnuts and strawberries, are pure ice cream, while the larger ones (oranges) are actually fruit-flavored ice cream frozen into the shell of the actual fruit. They make a really pretty presentation. A lot of Italian restaurants offer them for dessert, but they actually come from Italy. Try an Italian speciality store.

      1. We had them for a cocktail party recently and got them from St. Clair Ice at 2861 Danforth Ave. They were a huge hit with the guests.

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          Yes, St Clair Ice Cream is the place. But IIRC it's vanilla ice-cream with a flavoured 'covering'.
          I've also seen some Italian ones but they're significantly larger and are often sorbets and are indeed contained within a fruit 'peel' as mentioned above(most common are lemon and orange). Haven't seen the smaller ones for a couple of years.