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Aug 1, 2008 08:21 AM

HELP - Kuma Inn or Bread Bar at Tabla TOMORROW

I am taking my girlfriend out to dinner during our last weekend in the city and have reservations at both places.

We both love Asian food (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai) in general, but I saw one or two posts that said Kuma Inn is just so so.

We've tried a few of Danny Meyer's other restaurants (Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke, Shake Shack) and loved them all.

Which do you recommend? Please help!


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  1. Never been to Kuma Inn, so I can't speak about it. However, I have been to Tabla a number of times. I can definitely recommend it.

    As you might know, Tabla is really two restaurants: Upstairs, and the Bread Bar. Upstairs is the more formal option and is an excellent choice for a New American with Indian influences. It's more expensive than downstairs, though you get your money's worth. The Bread Bar is excellent as well; it's the casual-fancy option at Tabla. Their nan and chutneys are to die for, mmmm. Their kulfi might just be the best in the city. So, the overall food experience is great there as well. Overall I remember having pleasant dining experiences at both, just a different style.

    Good luck with what you choose! Let us know how it goes =)

    1. Been to Kuma Inn, was good but not blown away. If this is your last week in the city I would end it with something a little more special then that. Would recommend going but if I had to choose between the to would go with Bread Bar.