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Aug 1, 2008 07:53 AM

best onion rings in nova? best fried calamari?

who has the best? how are they prepared (i.e, thick/thin batter? simple flour/meal dusting? cut thick/thin, etc.)

plus, best sauces....yeah! i love aioli.

thanks, i'm having a craving.....

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  1. there are so many variations....

    I personally like tempura battered onion rings, as for fried calamari, I like it Chinese style (with salt and pepper in the batter). I believe this versions is served in other Asian cultures such as Vietnamnese and Thai.

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      1. re: alkapal

        Any authentic Cantonese Chinese joint should have something like this:

        Salty Deep Fried Squid w/Chili & Garlic (Mark's Duck House)

    1. the 'dog collars' at the lost dog in westover (arlington) are really great. tobasco flavored and baked. thin batter

      1. I know it's not in NOVA, but the happy hour calamari at Penang in DC is damn tasty. It has a very thin batter with plenty of spice.

        1. Johnny Rockets does great onion rings. Totally hot, crispy, not greasy. No fancy aoli for dipping, but then again I like ketchup ;-)

          1. Hank's fried calamari and popcorn shrimp is terrific-I and don't even like calamari! I eat it only at Hanks. Terrific roumelade too.