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Aug 1, 2008 07:14 AM

MSP - Brickhouse BBQ

Has anyone been?
I couldn't find any mention of it in this board. Does anyone know if they have a liquor license or at least 3.2? (I hate to sound like a drunk but if I am going to convince a bunch of friends to gather for a destination restaurant, it will at least need beer) Barring liquor does anyone know about the menu? It's kind of tough to order takeout unless a place puts together a quick menu online. I hope this place is good. After reading the posts about Market BBQ it just points out how starved we are here for a little BBQ competition in these towns. Also it would be great if the North Side could pop up a nice restaurant scene. Has anyone tried Sauced?

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  1. Yes, Love Sauced. There is a thread out there for it. I also had the cheeseburger...wonderful. I tried my SO's Cracke burger--also wonderful...and a differnet taste.

    I'm getting ribs tonight. Will report in. I'm expecting heaven.

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    1. Take out, tonight. Here was the process. Ordered full baby backs dinner. Ribs, french fries, cole slaw, texas toast. 2 small containers of 'homemade' sauce. Also ordered Onion Rings.

      Got home, opened the Onion Rings and a container of sauce and was in heaven. Ate a second onion ring dipped in sauce. LOVE THE SAUCE. Onion rings are great, but given the steam were soggy--forgiven since I took them home.

      Sauce: gently sweet, slightly tangey. Loved it. One can purchase a jar to take home.

      Opened the container of ribs, found the texas toast. NICE flavor/seasonings. GREAT dipped in the sauce.

      French Fries--typical fries. Ok. Suspending total judgement until I eat in.
      Cole Slaw was not exciting for me. Creamy style, could use more seasoning for my taste.

      Sorted the ribs onto two plates, by now the aroma is almost unbearable.
      Ribs, without sauce: HEAVENLY.
      Ribs, with sauce. __HEAVENLY_
      Ribs: Awesome seasoning-not overwhelming. Meaty. Little fat.

      I saw a pork sandwich get delivered and it looked AWESOME. Thats my next try. Or maybe the tips. or the beef ribs. <sigh>

      Looked at breakfast menu...take friends. Combinations look like they could feed a crowd.

      Opinion: Eat in and you don't a beer. You will be swooning without it.
      Order take out and enjoy your libations at home

      Now I have 3 favorite, very different places, all in North. Brickhouse. Sauced. Pappas Pizza.


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        Take out tonight for us as well. We'll be back. Maybe tonight. ;)

        Sauce: yum yum yum yum
        Pork Ribs: perfectly cooked, lean yet tender
        BBQ Chicken: perfectly cooked, very moist
        Beef Ribs: not lean enough for me, too much chew

        We ordered too meals which were accompanied as described above. Next time we'll skip the meal part and just order the chicken and pork, which is sold by the pound. The slaw wasn't good and the fries were worse. But all is forgiven once you have another bite of the ribs.

        Alas, the place was slow for a Friday night. Type2runner--thanks for the tips. Everyone else, please please please head out for some BBQ. This place is worth keeping.

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          How about smoke? Do the ribs taste like they've been smoked at all? Are they falling-off-the-bone tender or do you need to gnaw them off the bones?

          1. re: JimGrinsfelder

            Mildly smoked.

            Tender, but not falling off the bone. Gently gnawing, not 'I can't get the meat off the bone' gnawing.

            1. re: type2runner

              That sounds perfect!
              Falling off the bone means par boiled or steamed. Neither is good for ribs.

        2. We returned for lunch ( to go). Dreams of pork sandwich. Ordered pork sandwich and 1/2 chicken. Came with sides--fries, cole slaw/salad and texas toast.
          Yum. No disappointment here. Chicken was flavorful, nice seasoning in the skin, and moist. Pork pieces, flavorful. Pork sandwich has a splash of sauce already added. Today, the fries were good.
          The salad was typical, the lettuce fresh.

          Next trip? probably the pork ribs. But I'm going to have to try the beef side of the menu some day.

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          1. re: type2runner

            Sounds good - putting a places link in...

            Brickhouse BBQ
            4330 Lyndale Avenue N, Minneapolis, MN

          2. dh and i tried brickhouse last week. sampled baby back ribs and brisket. nice smoke ring on the brisket, which was meltingly tender; the ribs, served dry, were also smoky and good. the house bbq sauce is an extremely thin, transparent red, sweet sauce a shade darker than ketchup that is not at all spicy or tangy, sweet sweet sweet and insipid on its own, though i gotta admit it adds something to complement the meat. i'd guess the main ingredient is corn syrup, though. it comes in a little honey bear squeeze bottle--cute! the meat is just fine w/o sauce though, nice rub on it. fries served in-house were fine, and not an ungodly amount of them, which i appreciate, since i can't stop eating fries once i start. also a nice touch is the salad that seems to come with everything? unremarkable iceburg and veggie salad, but cold & fresh-- unfortunately about a 1/2 inch puddle of water at the bottom of both salad bowls, but appreciated the gesture. apparently this place also serves breakfast(!) which i'm curious about. nice place, we were very pleased overall-- hope they can make it work in that location. i still prefer big daddy's ribs, though the dry ribs at brickhouse are a different style and a nice option for some bbq diversity. agree that the northside's time has come for a few great restaurant options.