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Jun 4, 2003 10:55 PM

Lawrence Of India

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Does anybody remember a very tiny hole-in-the wall Indian restaurant in Culver City (on Culver Drive) called Lawrence of India? I would patronize them a few times a month back in 1995-1998. There were probably 8 tables max in the establishment and it was Father, Mother, Daughter operated. They had some pretty outstanding Indian Food for such a small place. I still get cravings for the Chicken Tikka and Raita Damn good stuff. I had moved from the area and they are gone. Did they move to a bigger establishment or decide to call it quits Anybody out there with details please share. Thanks!!

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  1. Alas, I know nothing of the owner's whereabouts but I too share fond memories of this charming little place. Probably the sweetest restaurant people in the world. I remember their exquisite preteen daughter bussing tables in her school uniform. One of those great ethnic family run places that elevate the L.A. dining scene so very much. I too would be anxious to hear if these folks have retrenched elsewhere.

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      i, too, enjoy patronizing this sort of place and recommend Fidel's near Venice and Overland. Mexican/Oaxacan. Run by Fidel and his wife who's name escapes me (he's much more gregarious).

      good homemade food, inexpensive.

      10855 Venice Blvd, two blocks west of Overland

    2. Yes, I remember Lawrence of India exactly as everyone described it. It was a great place, and I was sad to find it gone. But, yesterday while driving east on Venice Blvd. in Culver City, west of Brotman Medical on the south side of the street, I saw a sign in a strip mall that "Lawrence of India was opening soon." I'll keep ChowHound posted.

      1. DITTO dmiller453! I have all the fond memories of this place as everyone else and still long for their food. Drove east on Venice Blvd. tonight and saw the sign. It's got to be new - I drive that neighborhood all the time and think I would have seen it before had it been there. I will try to go check it out "up close and personal" over the weekend and report back. They're not on YELP and I think if they were happening yet, they'd be there already. If Lawrence is back - HALLELUJAH, brothers and sisters!

        1. Yes, everyone! WE ARE BACK!!!! After 11 years, the doors of Lawrence of India have opened again! Same chef, Lawrence with the support of his beloved family are back in business. Please come by and visit us. We are now located at 10032 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90292, 310-841-6559, website: Hope to see you soon!

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              Welcome back! See you for lunch in a couple of hours.

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                did you go? how was it. i'm thinking about going tonight.

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                  I found the vegetarian dishes to be lackluster. Really liked the spicing on the naan, though.

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                    My plans changed but I did stop by and was welcomed by the chef/owner, Lourence and I plan on dining there very soon. They had a lunch buffet going and I'm not usually a fan of Indian or Pakistani buffets as they tend to be underspiced so as to not put off customers that can't take the spicing and heat. Sure smelled good though!
                    Note that I tried to add Lawrence Of India to the 'places' database but can't get it to work, again.

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                  do you guys use canned garbanzo/chick peas, green beans, or any other vegetables? I avoid canned foods because of the Bisphenol A.

                  1. re: 1newyorkguy

                    We use all fresh ingredients! Cans are a "no no"! Even the mango we use in our mango lassi is fresh!

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                    Welcome back! I'll definitely be there!

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                      I think the zip code is a typo - maybe 90232?

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                        Yes,you are correct. 90232 is correct zip code. I was typing too fast. See you soon!

                    2. Have just returned from the Lawrence of India on Venice Blvd. It is the same family that you are missing and they are wonderful. I wanted it to be good since it is close to home and very much a neighborhood restaurant. The food was very good starting with soup (Mulkitani) and ending with an amazing Kulfi (mango ice cream with nuts and saffron). The main dishes come in little bowls sitting atop a candle to keep them warm and the dining plate was also warmed before being brought to the table. We had keema curry and chicken makhani, both delicious. I was a little afraid of the spice level and ordered mild but I think medium would have been okay. Not an issue though since they bring a quartet of chutneys which had one hot one that brought the intensity up to my liking. The prices are very reasonable and the lunch buffet looks like a bargain. Can't wait to go back. PS. The preteen daughter is all grown up and delightful!