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where to buy mini cupcakes in brooklyn?

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I am having a party for my one year old daughter and need mini cupcakes. Any suggestions of where I could get some?



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  1. Ladybird, formerly known as Two Little Red Hens, on 8th Avenue between 10th & 11th Streets.

    1. Kumquat Cupcakery: http://kumquatcupcakery.blogspot.com/

      We had their mini cupcakes at the Brooklyn Flea a few weeks ago and they were quite good -- especially moist, which is hard to achieve in such tiny sweets!

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      1. Betty Bakery on Atlantic Ave between Bond and Nevins

        1. Baked has mini cupcakes (I think). And they'll deliver if you're buying for a crowd...

          1. LuxSugar sells their cupcakes at the BK Flea and they do cute little tasty minis :-)

            , Brooklyn, NY

            1. One Girl Cookies has tiny cookies, so I think they would also have mini cupcakes. They are in Boerum/Cobble Hill, on Dean off Smith.

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                But even if they do, they will be so expensive that (unless you are extremely high-net worth) you will not want to buy them for a one year old's party. I second the Lassen and Hennings suggestion below. Or, if these are mainly for the one year olds (who will probably do more smearing of icing than eating of cakes), I think they have them at Costco. (But I now see that this is an old post, so you have probably already celebrated the birthday!)

              2. Lassen & Hennig on Montague Street has terrific mini cupcakes. Red Velvet, Vanilla and Chocolate with many color frostings.

                They have a catering department, and are wonderful with dpecial orders.