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Aug 1, 2008 03:59 AM

Going to Rome Georgia

Good morning all, I will be visiting Rome Ga next weekend. I have never been there, but I have been reading that the historic downtown is pretty neat. Any suggestions where to eat, visit, hotels?? I haven't made any reservations for anything yet, but I need to soon. I am driving up from Palm Beach county Florida.

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  1. Harvest Moon Cafe---(you shouldn't need reservations)

    Schroeders Deli---for lunch

    Visit Berry College and Darlington School Campuses
    Hawthorn Suites for hotel

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        this is a 20-30 mile drive however it's worth a trip

        1. re: bogiemom

          bogiemom, I looked at the Hawthorn on Tripadvisor, The reviews were from hated it to loved it. I see there is a Hampton, I've never had any problems there. Thanks for the suggestions, I will let you know.

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            bogiemom..Just got back yesterday from Rome Georgia..I enjoyed the Broad St. shops... Last Sunday morning me and my partner decided to eat around noon...There was quite a church crowd and the popular restaurants were very busy.Especially Harvest Moon. There was also restaurant that looked like a movie theater at one time that was very busy also. We opted for Jeffersons..It was very good, and the weather was cool enough that we could eat outside with sweating (not that I sweat, glow). We also tried Paul's Oyster Pub.. The raw oysters were fantastic.. but the raves stopped there..I also had fried catfish. It had one of the breading that could fall off of the whole fillet at one time., Same with my partners buffalo shrimp, The breading kept falling off after the first bite.
            Later we were in the mood for pizza, Someone suggested Vito's. It was very good pizza, and the Greek salad was also great.
            Not going to mention restaurant names, but apparently there had been some kind of sting trying to catch restaurants selling alcohol to minors. We ran into this problem twice where the restaurant had temporarily lost it's liquor license.

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              Sorry, I screwed up....It isn't Vito's pizza, that is the one I like here.. it was Gondalier

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                Paul's is only good on tuesday and wednesday nights when they offer their free desserts. They have the best cinnamon rolls you will ever eat, but that's about it.
                I should have mentioned The Country Gentleman to you. If you stayed @ Hampton then you were right across the street from it, and you went on the complete opposite side of town just to go to Paul's.
                I'm glad you enjoyed Jefferson's and Gondolier's. Rome is a great small town, as far as the stings, that happens quite often.