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Aug 1, 2008 03:06 AM

lunch sugestions near center sandwich, meredith or wolfeboro n.h.

i am going to be around the above area on monday and would like to know of a nice place to have lunch. not too expensive, but definitely tasty and a pleasant place to stop. could even be ethnic if there is that sort of dining in that area

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  1. hi - doesn't anyone eat lunch in this area? other than the"tturkey farm"u near meredith where we once went and wold not repeat the event there must be some good eateries. please help me,,,

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    1. Twenty years ago I lived and worked in Meredith. So much has changed since then. Here's the path for the restaurant directory:
      Many have websites and it may give you some titles to search the Chow boards for more information.

      1. Best lobster roll in Ctr Harbor @ Sam & Rosie's (across from the beach).

        I love the Corner House Inn in Ctr Sandwich, not sure of their hrs. (yep, lunch it's open) The Village Kitchen is very casual but fresh and delish (awesome fried clams) - in Moultonboro.

        If you love dining over little squam lake, Walters Basin is always nice in Holderness (very close to Sandwich). Their specials are usually very nice. Pub is casual.

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          Sorry. I should have mentioned that the link that I posted was for the Corner House Lunch Menu.

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            By far, one of the best calimari dishes EVER!!!! at Corner House Inn.

        2. If you end up in Wolfeboro, your best bet by far for lunch on a budget would be Downtown Market & Grille on Railroad Avenue. My second choice would be Lydia's Cafe on Main Street. I wouldn't count out Mise en Place, either. It's definitely a splurge if you go there for dinner, but it's quite reasonable for lunch. They're on Lehner Street.

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            well, we ended up at mise en place. it was okay, not really great and definitely not a splurge for lunch. i had hoped for something better, but it did satisfy our hunger thanks for all the suggestions