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best one dish this year that you long to return for

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Rather than just a restaurant,what is the most memorable single plate that you have eaten in T.O this year?
App. main, or dessert, doesn't matter.
The meal that I still think about was at Bymark
Fresh black cod, served with perfect little circles of leeks, and I think, heart of palm
One bite crunchy, and the other soft.
There were two crab dumplings perfectly placed on the plate, and the seasoning and lightness of the sauce was exceptional,, as it never masked the flavour of the fish.
It is a recipe that I would love to own.

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  1. Nothing fancy for me but I have become addicted to Happy Seven's lunchtime spicy salt shrimp special. This is the whole shrimp from feelers to tail. Crunchy deliciousness. The first couple of times the waitress narrowed her eyes and warned me, "Whole shrimp. Head on." Now I get a courteous smile and "Shrimp?" Such a tasty dish for 3.99, with the bonus of being a nice source of roughage and a calcium supplement? I'm there!

    1. I am afraid I am too predictable, but...

      Oysters at Starfish
      and a beautiful medium-rare filet at Harbour 60 (with a lovely side of their cheese, olive, hot pepper tray)

      1. The 'Sliced leg of pork in a spicy cilantro garlicky sauce' from Northern Dumpling Kitchen in Times Square, Hwy#7. Had it 3 times the past week and still yearning for more!!

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          Frites at JK Wine Bar and Coconut Cream Pie at Scaramouche...

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            Black Cod at Wish....good portion and cooked so perfectly that I can only hope they duplicate this experience on future visits.

          2. Hands down, Sea Bream ceviche at Foxely...

            Ps: great thread erly!

            1. I'll say Caplansky's smoked meat sandwich (fatty)

              Weezie's steak tartar

              Ok, that's two. I'm forgetting one, I'm sure, but these jumped out.

              1. This is actually weird, because I am so not a dessert person, but the first thing that came to mind was a lavender creme brulee at JK Wine Bar that literally made me swoon.

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                  I also have to add a dessert I had from JKWB - it was this white cake with strawberry reduction - the best piece of cake i've had in my life!

                  The lobster maki balls from Tomi Kro were also extremely memorable.

                2. Dim sum from the Grand - the cod wrapped in puff pastry.

                  But I agonized over this decision! Choosing just one thing is not my style.

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                    Just one choice? I've got a DOZEN, because I tend to eat out by thinking first of what I crave, then going to the place that experience tells me can best provide it. But I'll play by the rules set out by the OP, and nominate a dish I find quite appealing at Maple Yip, a Cantonese joint deep into Scarborough. It's listed on the menu among the chef's specials: an unusual combination of bitter melon (a kind of squash, I suspect), olives and ground meat that I think is probably pork. I've never seen it on any other Chinese resto menu. Delicious at $7.50. I feel obliged to report, however, that none of my tablemates have ever taken to this dish. They don't care for it at all. Which is all right with me, because then I get most of it for myself.

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                      to skylineR33:

                      Though your response was to my best-dish nomination, I suspect you meant to respond to childofthestorm's. But just to be clear, my dish isn't the same as the one you've pictured. My nominated dish has no fish in it at all, and no pickled plums, and no broth whatsoever. Though I'd be intrigued to try "mullet on furnace", as you've described it, sometime. I'll keep my eye out for it.

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                        Nah skylineR33 is not replying to me. I suspect he(?) knows the dim sum I'm talking about at Grand.

                        But juno your dish sounds good.

                  2. I had that black cod dish at Bymark recently also and it was delicious.

                    Not fancy, but I loved the achar achar at Matahari Grill on Baldwin (it's an appetizer of Malaysian style pickled vegetables - it's spicy and pickled at the same time).

                    The blt with double smoked bacon at Marvellous Edibles on Laird.

                    1. Wild Boar Agnolotti at Mistura.

                      1. The black cod at Colborne Lane was just about the most perfect dish I've had in a long time.

                        1. Reply to the wrong post earlier.. here is my pick in Toronto :

                          The "Double Boiled" four treasures soup at the "private dining" Fantaxia. Conpoy, fish maw (花膠), sea cumuber and shiitake mushroom double boiled hours with Gin Wah Ham and black chicken ... etc. It comes in a hugh ceramic container. The soup is so clear and sweet that I can drink 5 big bowl !

                          1. A very hearty rigatoni bologna at Grazie. Never had a sauce as flavourful and hearty and yummy as that...

                            1. Sablefish with foie gras on a soy bean cassoulet with a mustard/maple dressing at Canoe. Bizzare but amazing.

                              1. Pastrami sandwich at JK Gardiner.
                                Sea bream at Acqua.
                                Pulled pork at Karuchie.
                                Mascarpone & fennel pollen-stuffed date at Cava.

                                All amazing.

                                1. Colborne Lane for me too... squab and foie gras with vanilla french toast with squab, sweet potato puree and blueberries (oy!). It was strange but it worked, and I'd love one more shot at it to figure out just how and why. I'm not even sure it was the most delectable dish of the year, but I keep thinking about it's wizardry.

                                  1. The mango foie gras and scallop sashimi at Susur.

                                    And the "sparky" chocolate from Soma.