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Aug 1, 2008 02:35 AM

Great sushi in Ft. Lauderdale/South Florida (not Miami)?

Looking for great sushi in Ft. Lauderdale or anywhere in south florida that isn't South Beach-area (don't want to deal with crowds/driving from Sunny Isles). Price is not an issue. What's the best sushi restaraunt in the area described? Good sake list is a big plus, but mostly I want great, fresh fish.

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  1. I know you want to avoid Miami Beach, but I think most here would agree that Matsuri, located in South Miami, would perfectly fit your needs.

    1. The freshest sushi I have found is Sozo Sushi, in Wilton Manors. It really is the best down here. But it's very tiny...2 tables outside or you can sit at the sushi bar inside.

        1. China Grill has very good Sushi, you can either sit at the Sushi bar or a table... and tons of Sake.

          1. Matsuri is phenomenal but maybe too far for you. I really liked Lemongrass in Delray Beach too.