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Jul 31, 2008 11:55 PM

Best Vegetarian Banh Mi

well here I am ironically typing at the Lees Sandwiches computer complaining about Lees Sandwiches. the baguettes are hard or maybe It's close to what a good baguette should be in that case I just don't like baguettes. also had zon baguettes in tustin . I don't believe banh mi che cali in little saigon serves Veggie baguettes. also anyone care to explain the vietnamese translations of the baguette toppings? Oh I'm in OC.

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  1. god you're just SO lost.

    I'm sorry.

    1. Don't know if it's the best (and it ain't OC), but Mr. Baguette has a "vege" ham banh mi. As an avowed meateater, I've never had a reason to try it, but Mr. Baguette's pretty good overall.

      Mr. Baguette
      8702 Valley Blvd
      Rosemead, CA 91770
      (626) 288-9166

      1. hill food- realize i'm lost

        banh mi che cali has vege ham too.
        for some reason I thought that was just ham with veggi's. hmm maybe it is.

        1. Here's my attempt at translation:

          Chay: vegetarian
          Dac Biet: special, meaning whatever they want to put into it
          Cha Lua: it's more or less like a pork roll made of minced pork and formed together in a role
          Thit/Thit Nuong: grilled pork
          Bi: Shredded skin and pork
          Nem Nuong: seasoned, grilled, ground pork
          Nem Chua: same as Nem Nuong but sour
          Xiu Mai: meatball, but it is often mashed up beyond recognition as to resemble a sloppy joe
          Ga/Thit Ga: chicken
          Ca Moi: sardine
          Bo/Thit Bo: grilled beef
          Thit Nguoi: Vietnamese nam

          FYI, "thit" means meat. In Vietnamese, the adjective comes after the noun. Thus, you have "thit ga," which is literally "meat chicken."

          1. I just had the veggie ham one at Banh Mi Che Cali...but I had it at the San Gabriel branch which I think is subpar compared to the Alhambra branch, my favorite of all the BMCCs (including the Magnolia and Brookhurst locations). I also had a regulaar (#1 I think?) banh mi to compare. Basically it had some kind of mayo on it, no pate obviously, and the requisite pickles. The "ham" was sliced in thick slices and laid on. Actually it would have been good if the baguette wasn't pale and limp.

            That day I also had a regular banh mi at Mr Baguette. Awesome baguettes, but I don't like having to put the pickles on myself. Also, I am not a fan of their skimpy meat. They also have a vegetarian version but they charge like $5 for it so I didn't order it.

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              Today I had the vegetarian banh mi from the BMCC in Westminster on Brookhurst. It was pretty similar to the one I got at the San Gabriel branch (see above) but even drier. At least the bread was better (slightly). No mayo, just bread, pickles, cilantro, jalapeno and thick slices of that veggie sausage. Gah.

              The search continues.