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Jul 31, 2008 11:22 PM

hudson valley restaurants

my wife and i are headed to hudson valley for a food and wine tour. We have heard of a few places that are a not miss... elephant, busy bee, backyard bistro, severin, aroma thyme and beso ......any feedback on these or others we should add to the list

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  1. I think you mean Basement Bistro; I was recently there and reported in the thread below. It is a unique experience--- and *really* *really* hard to get a reservation there-- plan way ahead if you want to dine there

    1. Hello:

      If you are heading to the Hudson Valley, Aroma Thyme Bistro which is located at 165 Canal Street in Ellenville is a FABULOUS place to eat. Their menu has something for everyone; from fine organic vegan choices to some fabulous organic beef for that steak lover in the family. They have an award winning wine list, over 150 beers from around the world, and live (no cover charge) musical entertainment on Thursday and Saturday nights.

      Last year my wife and I celebrated our anniversary there with a specially designed menu just for the occassion, and this year we celebrated her being cancer free at Chef Marcus's and Jamie's Bistro as well. If you are a chocolate lover, their brownie with a scope of soy vanilla ice cream is a GREAT CHOICE. If you are traveling on the weekend, you might want to call ahead and make a reservation (845) 647-3000...tell them their favorite campers from Skyway sent you!

      1. If you do mean backyard bistro - which I think is in montgomery - it is very good, although very small. the owner also owns a catering business, which my wedding planner would use quite often. I highly recommend it, but it is a drive. I haven't tried any of the other places, but I do work in New Paltz, and if you go to beso, the town is quite nice to walk around in.

        1. In New Paltz,The Locust Tree is beautiful and the food lovely. Call Beso ahead for opening times - its closed at odd times. The Village Tea Room serves great food in an unpretentious atmosphere. You'll find lots of local hudson valley produce and cheese on the menu. Gomen Kudasai is a delightful new restaurant on Main Street in NP serving japanese home style cooking in a lovely space (interior only - the outside of the buiding is hideous). Karma Road has great organic soups and smoothies and The Cheese Plate in the water street market serves a great cheese plate. Or you could stock up on great cheeses, pickles,bread and chutneys and take it with you on a picnic. In Good Taste has a nice wine selection and several decent chilled wines.

          1. In Columbia County:
            There's the Chatham Winery on Route 66 in Chatham. Haven't been there yet (I know... I know) but I've met the owners and they seem sincere, It's close to Hudson, which has several nice restaurants (Ca'Mia being my favorite, Swoon, etc all on Warren St) or Chatham itself with Lippera's, the Blue Plate or Chasseo (spelled wrong). Or swing through Hillsdale and hit the Swiss Hutte - truly fabulous.

            Have fun!

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              Hmmm. I'm a local and I haven't even seen Chatham Winery.
              That mexican on the corner of 66 & 203 is terrible! Worth the drive to go to Mexican Radio in Hudson for yummy mexican, even if it is kinda pricey.

              My favorite is Swoon Kitchenbar in Hudson. Fresh, seasonal, local, exquisite and understated excellent flavors. Seafood flown in from Maine.
              The front of the house needs some improvement, but the food is sublime.
              Ca Mea has much better service; it's my second fave.

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                and Radio has a completely cute painted dog out side their restaurant-

                chili dog