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Jul 31, 2008 10:31 PM

Why is OP Cafe on Ocean Park boarded up?

Does anyone know? I drove by today and there's newspaper on the windows, and it's all dark. I'm not a fan, but it always seems crowded.

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  1. I did overhear one of the waitresses telling someone that was at the table behind us (weekend before last on Sunday) that the "owner" went nuts and fired nearly everyone the other day. Maybe the melt down and the boarding up were connected? I'll try and get more info if I can.

    1. So, NO PAPER on the windows. OPEN for BUSINESS as usual. Did you go by after they were closed for lunch by some chance?

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        Interesting. Thanks for checking. They had been closed all last week, all day. hmmmm...

        1. re: cupcake

          i had a great breakfast there a few days ago - from what the server told me, they were re-finishing the floors when the workers damaged the plumbing causing a major leak - they had to close a few days to repair and clean up the damage. place seems to do a hopping biz, i'd be surprised if that place ever closes !