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Jul 31, 2008 09:49 PM

Who has rye flour in stock?

So I've heard that there could be a shortage of rye flour at this time.

Has anyone spotted a bag recently anywhere in the city?

Looking for white rye, dark rye and pumpernickel.

I'm corning and smoking a brisket and need to make some bread for pastrami sandwiches.


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  1. I've bought Bob's Red Mill @ Fairway...I would imagine Whole Foods should also have rye flour. I would as well try a good natural foods store.

    1. I was in Blue Apron and D'Vine Taste in Park Slope today. One of those stores had it but I am not sure which.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions.

        I found Bob's Red Mill Dark Rye Flour and Arrowhead Mills Rye Flour at the Harlem Fairway.

        Still looking for pumpernickel.

        1. I found this thread while Googling for rye flour in Brooklyn. Does anyone have any current locations to get rye flour in Brooklyn? Close to Prospect Hts or Crown Hts if possible, but anywhere would help. If you have a lead on barley and oat flour also that would be great.

          Thanks very much.

          You've probably found this out by now, but for anyone who discovers this thread now, pumpernickel bread is made from rye. It's an old Westphalian bread that differs from other rye breads because of the long baking process. Authentic German recipes are very heavy and differ from the pumpernickel made in the US.

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            Eagle Provisions (5th Ave at 18th St) usually has Rye flour. Fairway carries rye, as well as the other flours you mention in their organic/health food section (Red Mill, Arrowhead, etc). There is a vendor at the GAP farmers market that carries their own flours. Also, Back to the Land and other health food stores carry similar lines to Fairway. Mailorder is also a good method for this. Finally, you could go to a baker that makes rye and see if they would sell you some bulk flour. Lopez (kattycorner to Eagle) and Jean Danet (where the old Leske's baker now is) are a couple of possibilities.

            ps not at all the same but Ikea carries a box bread mix for a dark multigrain loaf that is actually very good and incredibly easy and fast to make (no rise) time, just mix with water and stick in the oven. A real bread maker will find this unsatisfying, but the bread produced is very tasty.

          2. Cayuga Pure Organics has, very sadly, stopped setting up shop at my local Greenmarket, so I can't double check this in person for you, but I'm 99.9999% sure they had rye flour. And the grains are locally produced, and organic...

            They sell at the Union Square Greenmarket, the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, and Greenpoint/McCarren Park.

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              I think these are the folks that sell at GAP referenced above. Havent tried their flours, but their breads are good.