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Jul 31, 2008 08:55 PM

Farfalla Westlake Village & Farfalla Los Feliz...same folks?

So, I used to live in Beechwood Canyon & Farfalla on Hillhurst was one of my most favorite neighborhood places to go. I have since moved to Oak Park & I've longed for a great Italian place w/ fresh, authentic food (sorry, Piatti) ever since I got here. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw that a restaurant by the name of "Farfalla" was opening in the old Rosti location the Westlake Promenade. I can't help but hope...could it possibly be? Is it really the same folks?

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  1. Yes, same owners. Their chef, Ernesto, expects it to open within one month. Buon Appetit!

    1. Hello, sunnygordy! I'm also in this neighborhood. Do pave the way...what specifically do you like at Farfalla?

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        Their salmon farfalle is my favorite pasta dish in the world.

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          I can't begin to tell you how happy this makes me! REAL Italian food in WLV & it tastes good, too!

          It's been a while since i've been, but they did a wild mushroom pasta that I loved. I usually opted for whatever they were specialing, though. They did a pumpkin tortelloni in brown butter that I always got whenever they offered it.

        2. Yes, John and Kim Borghetti will be the operators here, while at the original Hillhurst location, John has a partner. They used to have units in Pasadena as well as on La Brea, both of which have since closed.
          And in that same center, the Grill from BH is either opening soon, or has just opened. Must be quite a turnover of tenants in that center, in a good way!

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            I believe the Grill is open.

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              I remember the Farfalla's on La Brea -- it was also the former site of the famous Swanee Inn. I hope it'll be the same guys in Westlake Village. No one made a better chicken ragout with shitake mushrooms.

            2. Okay, so I see that they've opened! Has anyone been yet? I've built it up so much in my mind while waiting for it to open, I'm afraid it won't live up to the hype! Please tell me it's just as wonderful as the original...

              1. Hello, everyone! I went there for a lunch today and, to escape the rain, had a bowl of their papa e pomodoro soup and their mushroom risotto, while my fellow diner had the minestrone and we split the risotto. Everything was hot and comforting, although I must say the 'small' soup size is much more than I was expecting.