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Jul 31, 2008 08:48 PM

All Clad round stainless grill pan or Calphalon

Which do you recommend - All Clad round stainless grill pan or Calphalon infused anodized grill pan?

Please give me your recommendations on grill pans.


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    1. re: sandih

      i have the calphalon grill pan, and i like it a lot. all of my other pans are stainless, but we wanted a grilling option. it's a great buy. i asked the salesperson in William Sonoma about it when i was buying it, and she confirmed that it's a great pan. reasonable price, works well.

      1. re: artichokeheart

        By the way I also have the All Clad large grill pan that spans 2 burners. It works well but for smaller jobs we use the Lodge.

    2. i have the all-clad grill pan and i really like it. unlike all my other all-clad, the grill pan has a non-stick surface. i wouldn't have chosen that, but i got the pan as a bonus when i bought the set. it works great.